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boricuababy (profile) wrote,
on 8-9-2004 at 3:44pm
Current mood: cracking up!!
Music: Should of Known Better-Monica
Subject: lmao....
well it was a nice bright sunny morning this we were gonna go to christie's pool..china wanted to go because she leaves we got all was about 9-ish this morning..right when we went out the started pouring chi got pissed and went outside in the i went outside with her..then talia followed the three of us were out there just messing around in the felt like a little kid playing in the rain..then we started playing hand numbers and all those other lil games we used to play when we were we were doing this while it was pouring was fun..then it stopped raining and we went to the pool..we had fun over there to0..we raced each other in the pool and played water tag..then chicken..i won in chicken..that's my game right there..i always now im home..juss chillan..bout to jump in the shower..we just got home from the to all u guys laterrrr..luv u..x0x0
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08-09-04 9:12pm

yeahh man lol i woke up this was so0 sunny.n we were all guna go to da pool..den it getz really dark..suked major bootay lol

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