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SepiaFlamingo (profile) wrote,
on 8-9-2004 at 4:19pm
Current mood: content
Music: "Electric Funeral" - Black Sabbath
Subject: Fishcakes
The ground seems to be rotating quicker than I'm walking lately. I'm tripping over memories and ordeals of no concern. I can't focus on the smell of the air or the sound of the wind; the heavy oxygen riding down my lungs stir my insides and promote idle thoughts not needed in my system.

Oh, and I changed my screen name. For all who knew it, it is now: Ephemeral

I guess that whole "We're getting DSL!" bit from my dad has been either forgotten or not happening. That's okay. The sky is dripping apple syder and the ketchup trees are running high this season.
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08-23-04 9:09am

Gotta love those Ketchup trees..

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Re:, 08-25-04 11:37am

Without them the garlic bread would sog and the wood would melt into a sturdy sea of tacts.

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