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:: 2005 12 April :: 12.16 pm
:: Mood: accomplished
:: Music: Same.

Cherry blossems RULE!! I'm on Sado Island! Best trip ever.. Lots of fun during this time of the year. And no work!

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:: 2005 7 February :: 2.23 pm
:: Mood: mellow
:: Music: Same old.

Getting old.
Haven't posted in a long time but.. Here goes: Life is pretty much the same. Took finals not long ago I did alright. My family has been talking a lot lately and I can marry any girl I want. Or atleast that's one thing we figured out.. After college I'll get my own apartment and stuff. Oh and I'm manager at the store. Woo! PSP = owns. There's another Naruto movie coming out by the way.. That's all.. See ya.

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:: 2005 5 January :: 11.03 pm
:: Mood: calm
:: Music: Same old.

I went to Omi's for new years, I just remember running down the street and then getting hit in the arm by an apple or something.. The rest I'm sure was great. Happy new year every one and happy hanakuh and merry christmas and etc. etc. etc. After looking at Omi's tree 2 days ago, I realized I must of had one crazy new year.. My new years wish (which we hang on trees cause it's tradition) was "I wish to it to vanish" or.. seal." I don't know it looks like vanish or seal or some kind of "H" with a U on top.. I don't know. Maybe I was trying to write in english or kanji or maybe korean? Cause Riyu's was in korean.. I don't know but what the hell.. Happy new year!!

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:: 2004 26 December :: 6.30 am
:: Mood: okay
:: Music: Same old.

A final for my final year..
One of my finals is coming up.. I love my PSP and happy holidays everybody.

Oh yea, me and Yusuke talked for a little while. That's all I remember doing last time I was online. Life is going well. I need to e-mail Renee and Xon and.. I'll add more later. Must go to library. Brain hurts, g'bye.

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:: 2004 21 November :: 1.58 pm
:: Mood: Experienced
:: Music: Who needs the Qwik-E-Mart?

Yea.. I'm an adult. As of yesterday atleast. I had a party, it was fun. My dad and I went with some relatives and friends to a strip joint. And all I can say is "Wow." Riyu came too but Omi was too young so he stayed at home. Haa. I feel old but free. Soon I'll be out on my own.. I got presents. A cactus from Omi, (Mr. Ukki,) this one girl I don't know very well gave me a Tamagotchi. My mum got me my own rice cooker.. My sensei got me one of those little translator things. Where you say something and then it translates to english and you can play games and listen to music and stuff. Riyu got me the Vampire Hunter D soundtrack. I don't know how the hell he found it though.. Umm.. I got a lot of food stuff. Like sandwiches and rice balls and pastries. Mostly from my kendo class and some people that I don't know well. Oh yea, I got a hat from Nyan Nyan. It's a hat with bunny ears on it. I don't think Nyan Nyan's her real name but I just know her friends call her that. She takes extra classes with my teacher and she's got a nice rack.

Anywho, I named my Tamagotchi Oslo and I'm stocked on food for atleast a week.. So far it feels good being an adult, I'll miss my younger days though.. Astalavista baby.

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:: 2004 18 November :: 6.13 am
:: Mood: content
:: Music: Who needs the Qwik-E-Mart?

What a day.
What a day what a day. Yesterday early in the morning I caught up on the whole internet thing. Found out a few things.. Kurama's a dirty republican (haa,) Yusuke is no longer a Yusuke, my sister just got out of the mental ward, and on the bright side.. Betty is back in the game. Makes me proud to understand his typing and see him some what happy. Soon after all that, I e-mailed Renee saying I'd e-mail her later. Then I went to class which is now at the VERY FAR AND HARD TO REACH library. I hate taking the train. Anywho, we're reading Interview with the Vampire. It's kind of boring so far but I think it will get better. After class I went to the laundry mat. Our buildings washer is broken and all. I washed a few things.. Mostly socks. I went home, ate, and dropped off my books and laundry. Then I went to work and worked.. Which is always a treat. Afterwards I went home, changed and went to kendo. Oh, did I mention I'm starting Tai Chi on Sundays? Well I am. My mom's been working more lately so I've been having to pick up my brother from school every now and then on my lunch break.. (Thus the reason I eat at home.) Riyus got a girlfriend and.. That's that. Peace, love, and porn to all. (y-.-)y

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:: 2004 11 September :: 5.30 pm
:: Mood: loved
:: Music: Same old.

Happy anniversary!
Just stopped in to say happy anniversary! Exactly 2 years ago I met Xon and Kud.. So now this is the day I use to celebrate all my friends from the mafia, Yusuke, Kurama, Akira, etc. etc. I'm sure everyone's had their problems with me from time to time, but most of us still talk right? Anyway, everyone take a moment of silence for those who died in America during the attacks and lets all hope Osama gets his nuts blown off soon.. Nothing new has happened lately, everythings the same.. Except that I stepped on my sunglasses and now I need new ones. Oh yea, it's football season!


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:: 2004 22 August :: 11.19 pm
:: Mood: busy
:: Music: Same.

One more year.
Classes have hit me hard, I knew they were coming I just didn't bother getting prepared.. So far I have half a book to read that I was suppose to but didn't. I got back from Hokkaido two days ago, the kids were on a pretty tight leash so it wasn't bad. I got to eat some good food and I saw some Americans. Hm.. My teacher got a tan, I washed my clothes, and I got fired from that second job because I never went. Ha. I have to go back on part time for the comic book store because of classes, and... There's only one more year of classes and I'm off to college! Oh yea, on our way back from Hokkaido when we stopped at this one train station, we got to see blood all over this one part because someone commited suicide. Or atleast that's what we guessed.. Anywho, I got this sorta new Dragon Quest game, and in my spare time I been playing that, eating, sleeping, and watching a little T.V. Right now I'm going to bed, and.. If you want to talk to me on aim I'm usually on at night (my time) for like 15 minutes. That's it. END.

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:: 2004 4 August :: 3.19 am
:: Mood: annoyed
:: Music: Guns N Roses- Welcome to the Jungle. (Thanks Kud.)

You can't stop ROCK!
Alright everyone. Guns N' Roses is heavy metal/rock and roll correct? I don't even like the band this much to argue but I had to. We took tests on what kind of rock you were, I got classic, and here we go:

Girl: I got Alternative rock
Hiei Sensei: poor you.
Hiei Sensei: I thought you were tough. <<(Obviously I was kidding right here.)
Girl: cha you are gay
Girl: classic sucks ass
Hiei Sensei: What!?
Hiei Sensei: Classic started it all!
Hiei Sensei: It's what makes the world go round.
Hiei Sensei: It's Led Zeppelin, and black Sabbath and the rolling stones.
Girl: Ok shut up don't want to hear it.
Girl: All ugly music. Stupid, sick tunes.. ick
Hiei Sensei: Feh, you don't know rock and roll then..
Girl: Whatever Hiei
Hiei Sensei: Yea.. whatever.
Hiei Sensei: Damn stiff.
Hiei Sensei: -roams off- <<(I was going to end it there..)
Girl: ::rolls eyes and walks off in opposite direction:: *he always just comes up to me and just starts something then stomps off when I dont' agree.. then he tells ME to grow up*
Hiei Sensei: You're the one who dissed my music first.
Hiei Sensei: And you take everything too seriously.
Girl: ::sighs::
Girl: -_-+
Hiei Sensei: You damn well know Zeppelin and Black Sabbath doesn't suck.
Girl: ::stays silent, not remembering who they are but probably know their songs::
Hiei Sensei: You just made fun of them.. and you don't know who they are?
Hiei Sensei: Stairway to Heaven!
Hiei Sensei: The first band Ozzy was in,
Hiei Sensei: and Paint it black.
Girl: Ewww Ozzy's music sucks
Hiei Sensei: Black Sabbath is not "Ozzy's"
Hiei Sensei: It's Black Sabbath.
Hiei Sensei: It's legend.
Hiei Sensei: Jimmy Hendricks is classic.
Girl: Why are you still on it?
Girl: I don't care!
Hiei Sensei: Because I can't believe you don't know them!
Girl: ::shrugs:: I know 'songs' not the people that sing them.
Hiei Sensei: Right. What was I thinking? <<(again going to end it)
Girl: Gackt is rock, Dir en Gray, PIA that is rock
Hiei Sensei: Fuck that..
Girl: Ha ha
Girl: Do you know Guns N Roses?
Hiei Sensei: Yes, that is heavy metal.
Girl: ::falls::
Girl: Guns N Roses?
Hiei Sensei: Yes.
Girl: lmao
Girl: rotflmao
Hiei Sensei: Welcome to the Jungle.
Hiei Sensei: Sweet child of mine.
Girl: Omg that is not heavy
Hiei Sensei: Yes it is.
Hiei Sensei: Want to bet?
Girl: Welcome to the Jungle is NOT heavy at all
Hiei Sensei: Yea it is.
Girl: rotflmao
Girl: you poor poor jap
Hiei Sensei: Don't call me a jap.
Girl: I'm sorry can't help it lmao you think THAT shit is heavy? God that is fucking funny
Girl: That song is NOT heavy at all
Hiei Sensei: I'll prove it.
Girl: .. whatever
Girl: God hiei just stop it I don't give a fuck ok?
Girl: Just go take it to Kurama or someone ..
Girl: ur sister SOMEONE
Hiei Sensei: Now I can't stop because you don't know anything about rock!
Girl: Omg.. Ok Mr. classic.. god you .. ah.. ::walks away stopping::
Girl: Sorry for the jap thing
Hiei Sensei: No you're not.
Girl: bit.. aggravated at the moment.
Girl: If you believe I'm not then fine..
Hiei Sensei: You can call me jap as long as I can call you cracker.
Girl: but I really am.. i always get on to people for doing it.. I get called cracker all the time -.-'
Girl: (by germans)
Hiei Sensei: Germans are crackers..
Hiei Sensei: They're white.
Girl: Yep sure are
Girl: they are hairy crackers
Hiei Sensei: Salty Crackers.
Girl: ::sighs; keeps walking away::
Hiei Sensei: -watches-
Hiei Sensei: Do you need me to send you the song Welcome to the Jungle?
Hiei Sensei: Because you seem confused..
Girl: Have you HEARD the song?
Girl: That music is not hard.
Hiei Sensei: I have the CD.
Girl: Good for You
Girl: I don't.
Girl: Dont' want it either
Hiei Sensei: And it is, it's not goth metal that's all screaming and gibberish, it's the 80's heavy.
Girl: That would be classic old shit rock not heavy nowadays
Hiei Sensei: Nah, dir en grey and gackt are posers. (in asian form)
Hiei Sensei: Why can't you see that?
Hiei Sensei: Do you even know their lyrics?
Girl: Nope sure don't
Girl: I like their music though
Girl: the music itself
Hiei Sensei: Because their japanese..
Girl: I their m.u.s.i.c.
Girl: Not because they are japanese asshole
Hiei Sensei: Seems like it.
Girl: I don't care woohooie about asians anymore
Hiei Sensei: Sure.
Hiei Sensei: If you like that stuff, listen to techno.
Girl: I do like Techno.
Girl: Go check out Enigma and Rockell
Hiei Sensei: Then don't talk about rock like you know it.
Girl: .. fuck you damnit Hiei. I know what Rock I fucking like so just fuck off
Hiei Sensei: You don't know it.
Girl: Damn why do you always want me to fucking bust huh?
Girl: Fuck you, you are fucking .. Ooo just.. god..
Girl: whatever damnit
Hiei Sensei: Untill you admitt Guns N' Roses is heavy metal (because pretty much all rock in the 80's/early 90's WAS) then I won't stop.
Hiei Sensei: Sweet child of Mine, Knockin on Heavens door, Patience.. Those are called Power Ballads. <<(attempting to explain her flaw)
Hiei Sensei: They're soft songs rock bands play.
Girl: I go by what's in my fucking book Hiei. You are asking for my opinion and I give you it and you konw it's not gonna change ur not gonna change my opinion so shut up and stop it
Hiei Sensei: It's not an opinion, it's fact!
Girl: Guns N Roses was heavy back in the day but isn't anymore, that is left for Korn and Slipknot
Girl signed off at 12:47:15 AM.

Yes, thought I'd pull a Buda and put in a conversation. Anyway, who's childish? She gave no facts, she gets mad so easily over nothing. I didn't know she would get so damn mad over a little thing like Alternative rock. (As we all know, it was rock for geeks, no offense to it.) She says classic rock sucks when she doesn't even know what it is, and if you do (if you're reading this) IM me and tell me. She says she likes rock but she appears to only like "New Wave." Rock with keyboards.. She doesn't know it's background, so what the fuck?
Skip Knot- Goth Metal
Korn- Punk rock. (probably, sorry don't listen to these bands but that's what I'm guessing. Feel free to prove me wrong.)
If ANYONE has another opinion feel free to say it, I like debates. If you agree, show some support. That's all there is there isn't anymore.

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:: 2004 20 July :: 9.59 am
:: Mood: content
:: Music: Legend of Mana Theme

Burnt to a crisp.
As some of you may know, I burnt my hand on a burrito. The first one I ever had. I got 50 inported from America.. Everyone was saying they were good and I should try them so I did. I took it out of the microwave and split it in half.. -points to his stump of a hand- This is the result. The rest lye in wait in my mini-fridge.
Riyu is coming back either this week or next week. We're going to Tokyo Disney Resort to celebrate his return. (Me, Omi, and Riyu.) I got a part time job mowing grass. It's easy work and it will give me something to do.. What else is there to talk about? I'm going to change the song up here soon, and that's about it. That's all there is, there isn't anymore.

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:: 2004 13 July :: 5.07 pm
:: Mood: bored
:: Music: Legend Of Mana Theme

For once, Bored.
Lately I've been bored. I got promoted at work so I don't have to work as many hours. How does that work? Anyway, since I have all this free time on my hands I think I'll get a part time job. Just untill I have to leave for the camp which is.. not that far away from now. The camp incase you haven't been keeping up or you're just an idiot is this Kendo thing I'm volenteering for. We go to Hokkaido and tour these places and learn where Kendo originated from and practise and other.. things. Anyway I applied to a few different places.. A grocery store or two. I usually get stuck unloading the crap at like 2:30 in the morning but this time I put what times I could and can't work. Omi, sorry I didn't bring your DVD back yesterday, I was too lazy. Ahem, I broke my sunglasses again, I need to get new ones.. Oh yes, that thing. Should I live in the sky or what? They've been talking about this: "Tokyo Sky City" for some time now and Xon reminded me of it. It's basically this project to build another city twice as high as the highest sky scraper to date over Tokyo.. Due to the cramped population and all. It seems stupid though, I don't want a damn city falling on my head while I'm walking aimlessly down the street. I don't want a decaying body of some stupid child plastered onto my roof.. And I sure as hell don't want their crap hitting my wind shield! So I'm either moving away, or moving up. That's that. I'm bored.. Thus this entry.

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:: 2004 5 July :: 4.26 am
:: Mood: content
:: Music: Legend of Mana Theme

What's new?
I got my computer back for a short while. I'm on it right now actually. I still have to take it in though once I get the money. What else is new? Omi went camping with his family, fun fun.
Is anyone else excited about Playstation 3? Nintendo DS, pah. Rather get the PsP. Phantom, tch. Probably one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of. Legend of Zelda, that's another story. It's WORTH getting a gamecube just to play it. Or atleast I expect it to be. Enough game talk.
I've decided to bleach my hair white. Noshi went red. Name this song:
He's the one they call Dr Feelgood!
He's the one who makes ya feel alright,
He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood!
It's actually pretty easy to guess.
2, 4, 6, oh whyyyyyyyyyyy. Ahem, that's that.

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:: 2004 25 June :: 6.03 am
:: Mood: content
:: Music: Legend Of Mana Theme

Checking in..
I'm alive, not much time to type here.. Riyu is away, me an Omi did a bunch of stuff. The Naruto movie is coming out this August but I saw a bootleg version a friend sent me from the Phillipeans, and if anyone knows them over there, it shouldn't suprise you. Anyway, the version I saw was terrible and I'm still set to see the movie when it hits the big screen. I might visit America next summer, if anyones going to be in the Chicago area around then, let me know. Computers still down, I'll take it in eventually, I'm just too lazy.. Ahem, that's pretty much it. See ya when I see ya.

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:: 2004 7 June :: 6.04 am
:: Mood: content
:: Music: Legend Of Mana Theme

For others.
I walked for cancer.. Me and Omi. I saw Harry Potter, expected too much I guess but Sirius is my favorite. Computer is still down, and I've become attached to a different DDR game. The one with the button in the middle and one in each corner. The hand one too, that's tough. Oh yea, I ate cow brains, tasted like a slug or something. Not sure it's on my menu for the future but yea. So long for now..

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:: 2004 25 May :: 9.10 am
:: Mood: content
:: Music: Legend of Mana Theme

Took my computer into the shop, it wasn't doing too well.. It's broken, I'm using Sumi's. Kurama if you read this which you probably won't take care of things while I'm gone. Kendo is as usual, work is the same and class is pretty much over.. Yes so not much to say. Kagome girl that replys here, that Korean song was completely dumb! The song kept going: "Why did you leave me?" Over and over again, had nothing to do with the video and I finally realized that the man GAVE the girl his eyes and didn't go blind for the hell of it. Silly me. Anyway, that's what's been happening, if I don't reply forever, it's the computer.. Pray for its safe return.

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