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hiei (profile) wrote,
on 12-26-2004 at 6:30am
Current mood: okay
Music: Same old.
Subject: A final for my final year..
One of my finals is coming up.. I love my PSP and happy holidays everybody.

Oh yea, me and Yusuke talked for a little while. That's all I remember doing last time I was online. Life is going well. I need to e-mail Renee and Xon and.. I'll add more later. Must go to library. Brain hurts, g'bye.
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12-26-04 10:10pm

One more thing, why the hell did they change the site? I couldn't figure out how to update to save my life..

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Re:, 12-27-04 12:51am

Because people change layouts because they get bored.

(...looks like a crappy rip off of Livejournal... )


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Re: Re:, 12-27-04 2:17am

u.u' I concur, it does look like a crappy rip off of livejournal...fools...Oh well, we'll just have to live with it; that or form an angry mob...


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01-01-05 2:32pm

.... nice of you to e-mail me too.

What games for PSP do you have?


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blah..., 01-02-05 4:17am

merry late x-mas and happy new years....

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