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hiei (profile) wrote,
on 1-5-2005 at 11:03pm
Current mood: calm
Music: Same old.
Subject: 2005.
I went to Omi's for new years, I just remember running down the street and then getting hit in the arm by an apple or something.. The rest I'm sure was great. Happy new year every one and happy hanakuh and merry christmas and etc. etc. etc. After looking at Omi's tree 2 days ago, I realized I must of had one crazy new year.. My new years wish (which we hang on trees cause it's tradition) was "I wish to it to vanish" or.. seal." I don't know it looks like vanish or seal or some kind of "H" with a U on top.. I don't know. Maybe I was trying to write in english or kanji or maybe korean? Cause Riyu's was in korean.. I don't know but what the hell.. Happy new year!!
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Happy New Year and stuff..., 01-07-05 6:19pm

I'm pretty sure it wasnt Korean. Korean looks like this..

안양 오빠! ^.~ 사랑해! ~ 제니

If it looked like a "H" it might have been ㅐ that. and the only thing that looks like a "U" that I could think of is ㄷ.

I hope that comes out on woohu. You might not be able to see what I typed in Korean. X_X'

Anywho, Happy New Year. ^^


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eh., 01-11-05 11:59pm

Happy 1985 you bloosh blooshed aqua seafoam shame.

~I, Kud

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