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hiei (profile) wrote,
on 2-7-2005 at 2:23pm
Current mood: mellow
Music: Same old.
Subject: Getting old.
Haven't posted in a long time but.. Here goes: Life is pretty much the same. Took finals not long ago I did alright. My family has been talking a lot lately and I can marry any girl I want. Or atleast that's one thing we figured out.. After college I'll get my own apartment and stuff. Oh and I'm manager at the store. Woo! PSP = owns. There's another Naruto movie coming out by the way.. That's all.. See ya.
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eh., 02-16-05 7:36pm

This is off subject... but:

Hey man... what's up? I don't know your e-mail, and I kind of miss you. Mail me sometime if you feel like it.

- - - Kud

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02-21-05 11:24am

Hiei! I'm so happy for you! I'm glad you can marry whomever you want. You know I still remember you telling me that one day about that girl and I still think about it every once in awhile. How'd that girl take it? I'm sure she'll miss having to marry a hottie like you ^^
PSP, some kids bring them into the cafe every once and a while... ... well... talk ta me Hiei, drop me a line sometime..

... ... onegai?


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Re:, 02-24-05 3:33pm

Kud, I'll e-mail you.. And Buda, it's because our families got into a fight.. I haven't talked to her ever since. I guess I'll e-mail you too. Peace. (New Advent Children Trailor out.. )

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03-11-05 1:36pm

Hi Hiei. It's been a while hasnt it? I'm glad you did well on finals, and because you can now marry whoever you want. Congrats.

You should visit Ohio, it'll be fun.

I hope you can update again soon. None of us know how you're life's going. ^^


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