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Jessika (profile) wrote,
on 8-12-2004 at 2:02am
Current mood: paranoid |_|
Music: none
Subject: longggggggg.....
yup. It's long.
The Ultimate Death Survey

What do you think happens after you die? undecided

Do you believe in heaven? sometimes

Do you believe in hell? yes

Do you think you will be judged after you die? yes

How many people would attend your funeral? 6 (favorite number)

Would you rather that people cry or laugh at your funeral? cry

What's better? A shot in the head or downing pills? pills all the way

What should be written on your tombstone? my name, date I was born, date I died, and whatever family/friends decide

Would you rather die childless or divorced? childless

Do you want to die in the morning, afternoon, or night? night

If you had a million dollars to leave, who would you leave it to? friends, my aunt and uncle, and my grandma

What kind of flowers do you want at your funeral? black roses *drool*....or those weird exotic flowers

On your deathbed, which moment will you most remember? if anyone ever stated that they love me

Have you ever watched someone die? nope

What's the most gruesome death you can imagine?

How often do you think about death? Quite often

Is fear of dying your number one fear? nope...numer 5

Do you believe in reincarnation? rarely

Have you ever wished someone you loved were dead? all the time

Do you consider life short or long? depends what you do with it

Do you think you have a soul? yup

Assisted suicide for a terminally ill person is: making them happier than before

If you were cremated, where would you like your ashes? thrown over a cliff

Would you choose to be immortal, if you could be? never

Take The Ultimate Death Survey

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I'm that bored. Leave a comment. I go out in the boat tomorrow. Hopefully we don't fish too long. We catch nothing.
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08-12-04 11:56am

I've only fished once, and I have little desire to again. Strange, since I love eating fish.

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