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spinoangel (profile) wrote,
on 8-13-2004 at 4:19pm

i dont think i can get this entry right to the way i like it. i dont know what to say or how to say it.

how to express how shitty i feel just because school makes me miserable. i mean its the first fucking week and i'm already bursting into tears when i get home. i dont understand how i can be so weak, so sensitive, it just makes me cry MORE because its like what the hell am i doing? i'm dragging myself down and i can't stop. it's as if i have some masochistic desire to feel the tears running down my face. my brain must be a little screwed up to make me feel so bad that i can't face the world anymore.

just as long as i never pick up the sharp objects, i'll be okay.
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08-13-04 9:21pm

amen to that.

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08-18-04 1:33am

hey man suicide is only the answe like 35% of the time
you should get used to it and you should stop, its probably an imbalance of chemicals in your brain due to you maturing, its common
so dont fret it should work itself out in time, it did for me
im somewhat normal now, however nobody will vouch for me that it is true, but i know it is
and hey if you dont want to wait, or it doesnt stop then get medication, or start getting high or something
get a hobby, play paintball thats fun

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08-18-04 1:34am

hey ya i live in florida too. where you live at?

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antonio here., 08-22-04 12:38am

stay away.
trust me.
we love you!

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