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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 8-18-2004 at 11:45pm
Music: ashlee simps0n cd*
Subject: y0ur my 0ptimism.
im g0nna have a kick ass birthday party.
b0o... i luVv y0u like a fat kidd luVvs cake . y0u kn0w mah style i say ne ting t0 make y0u .::smile =P

i went skatin wif ryan, brandon, scott, simon ((i luVv that lil mexican)) devin nd chris nd coby nd chree (...?) well i didnt skate but yeah, they did. it was funN.

nd i went bowling tonight wif rach nd kris nd david nd bailey nd his lil br0s. im g0nns miss br0oklyn.. she was like mah older sister


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what bout me , 08-19-04 10:49am

=(heyyy im ur older sister =(


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Re: what bout me , 08-19-04 4:08pm

yeh i know. y0ur als0 mah wifey! nd y0ur my older sister wh0 takes meh t0 nifty places! muah


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Re: Re: what bout me , 08-20-04 2:54pm

yay! <3

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