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melikepeas (profile) wrote,
on 8-19-2004 at 8:44pm
Current mood: okay
Music: nelly futardo - forca
Subject: Argh results.
Well i did shite i got all cs apart from one b. ill resit the ones i got cs in in january though so thats no problem. Im not gona talk about results no more cause its just annyoying me.
Well it was at least nice to see some people who i havnt seen in a while. Gots lots of hugs off craig and people when i got a bit upset when i did shite.
Went to stacies after thatand got pitted in paint. It was so much fun ^_^ Stevie came over to find out how stace had done and stayed for a while which was really cool too. Theyre so completely cute. Ahw. But steve is unbelieveably strong. Its scarey.
Anyway i was gona stop over at stacies but damian said not to so meh.
Been invited to bradford for a weekend to see the people who we made friends with in whitby ^_^ yey they were so cool. Its gonna be all of the whitby lot going down on the friday and stoping till saturday night. Very very cool, cant wait. eep.
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08-21-04 11:49am

you never told me it was going to be the lot you met at whitby....including the guy you shagged....not a chance in hell

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Re:, 08-23-04 8:58am

Not including the pirate. These are the people who were in the tents next to us.

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