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boricuababy (profile) wrote,
on 8-19-2004 at 8:34pm
Current mood: disappointed
Music: Dreaming of You-Selena
Subject: this year is nothing like what i thought it was gonna start off like..
we've been in school no more than a little more than a week and i've already been hit wid so much crap that i dunno what to do with it's so frustrating and stressful..and it's not only school is playing a big part in all this mom and i have talked a couple of times already about getting out of IB..i completely went against everything she was saying..i love ATL..u all kno that..just check out my everybody's at i dont wanna leave...and i was so looking foward to cheering on varsity this year too..but it's all kinda headed the opposite mom said if by the end of 1st quarter..if i have any C's or D's shez pulling me out whether i like it or whole thing about it all is that i dont wanna regret it in the long run and i dont wanna feel like i've wasted the past two years of my life..u kno??..and im thinking i made it this far..why not keep going??..but it goes deeper than issues..blah blah's hard to understand..i know my mom is just lookin out for me but shez juss throwing all this crap at me at it makes it all even more stressful..if i did get out..i'd have to go to Olympic..i REALLY dont wanna go there..i'd rather go to West Boca..but i dont even wanna get out..i do but i dont..i wanna have a life..i DONT wanna leave all my friends..especially sam amara sameen n amy..i wanna be able to get into UF..i dont wanna stay up really late doing homework every night..i dunno..maybe im making a big deal outta it..but im confused and i need to get my priorities straight
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08-20-04 4:43pm

aww kaila..i kno..u just need to think things personally..i say quit..n den it'll just b to convince ur mom to put my address..so0 u can be wid meeee =] but dun worry bout things..everything will work out..kk love yaa x0ox

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STAY!, 08-20-04 6:38pm

sorry melissa, but i gotta say stay. you love the school, people, cheerleading, and you made it this far. theres seriously no reason in throwing that away. it will help a lot with college. anndd the work sucks- but you'll get used to it. we do every year. then of course, theres my selfish reason- being that i dont want you to leave me. :( just think things through- an answer will come to you. something will work out. xoxo.


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08-21-04 11:00am

i think u should stay too [u know my opinion lol]

but i mean, that's what IB is about.. pushing urself, being the best, u know, those things? and u know what, u r a part of the best, it may be hard, but nothing good or worthwhile in life is gotten without hard work or hardships u know?

but at the end of the day- it's ur decision and u gotta do what u gotta do and what's best 4 u.

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