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echoingremorse (profile) wrote,
on 8-19-2004 at 10:20pm

i want an asian koi type pisces tatoo with a bunch of big flowers. the asian style and tatoos are jsut soo sweet.. i luv it.. id probly get another one on my lower left back.. soo it would be like the pisces symbol.

but im not goign to be able to get one for a while.. shitty.. like.. im savign up for a BMW. and soon im goign to be takign money from that to buy a labtop.. soo.. better not spend a bunch of money on a tattoo.. and i know what people probly think to.. "your not really not doing it becuase of the money.. your jsut a pussy..".. well fuck you. lol.. i have to have my blood taken and shit all the time and am always being poked with needles... it doesnt matter..
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08-19-04 11:18pm


... That would look very sexy.... and pretty... and... tatoo-y. ^^


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Re:, 08-20-04 2:30pm

hehe thanks lauren!.. lol.. ive probly already told you.. but how your shoulder is sneakign out of the blanket is really cute (well, actually more like HAAWT).. lol. :)

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