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sammibaby (profile) wrote,
on 8-20-2004 at 6:40pm
Current mood: happy--really good mood.
Music: sunshine - its my new song
its been a while since i updated. hmmm...

tuesday: had a long convo with amy on the bus. signed up for dance. talked to carlos for a long time.

wednesday: i dont recall anything special happening.. sorry

thursday: those spanish quizzes can kiss my bootay. english wasnt that bad. but i learned that schilit has a cat named Samantha Susan, nicknamed Sammi Sue. yeah-n she thought of that when i told her i wanted to be called sam. weirdo. then a long chat with amara and amy.

friday(today): was a good/funny day. it brought up the whole week. in ceramics we just made tiles. math- "do you know the muffin man? the muffin man? THE MUFFIN MAN!" lmao. thats me and kaila's new line.
sam: "i thought of a way to remember the name for raccoon in spanish. you know how its mapache?"
Kaila: yeah..
Sam: ::uses hand gestures:: you know how they have patches around their eyes?
Kaila: yeah.
Sam: ::still using hand gestures w/ a funny face:: just say " ma-paches"
lmao. that was great. although amy didnt think so. then dr. baum thinking i have a mustache. and the whole class staring at me. lol. lunch- kaila's a bully. jk. jk. you had to be there. social anth- i dont think anything happened. but im kinda excited about the observation thingy. bio- took a quiz that ashley and logan freaked me out on. got a 70- not too bad. paid attention/ talked to amy. bus- made fun of davis and his neck. lol. "sam youre gonna be 16!" WRONG. lol. then i went to kaila's picked out her outfit for tomorrow. did a bunch of quizzes and read through a magazine. watched music videos. crossing my eyes like the cat then freaking out. lmao. fun stuff man. then amara called a lil bit ago to ask if i wanted to see the Exorcist. i got approved. im excited/ scared. lol. then when i got home, there were these two repair guys. well the older one was like 50-60's age range. so i said hi and everything and walked inside. so later, my dad comes in, and i ask, "why did you say, 'thats my fucking daughter'?" turns out that he was a nasty old man. gross. if you get what i mean. my dad was pisseddd. thank god he's gone.

tomorrow's rachel's partay! looking forward to that. but now i gotta go eat before i go. later homies. xoxo.
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08-20-04 7:34pm

why do i <3 u so much?

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08-21-04 10:58am

that is gross about that old guy!

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08-22-04 6:04pm

omg friday was such a funny day!! really brought up the mood from the was HILARIOUS wid my

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