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KirbyDee (profile) wrote,
on 8-21-2004 at 12:52am
Current mood: amused
Music: Band music.... hehe
Subject: Long time, no update
Since I'm tired.... I'll just put up my new and perfect schedule.

0- M:T:W:F Marching Band, W Girl’s 21, Th Concert Choir
1- Chemistry with Paige
2- 1st Semester Health with Christensen, 2nd Semester PE with Payne
3- Chorale with Shaull
4- Algebra II with Yamasaki
5- Spanish IV with Potter
6- World Lit. Honors with Bonanno
7- 3rd Quarter Track
8- Concert Choir with Shaull
8- Auxiliary Unit with Ferruci

I really wanted an advanced Spanish class but that didn't happen, Mrs. Passallo said it had to be prearranged...but I signed the honors contract for III, I think we should just pretend it was a goof and let me into advanced Spanish IV. She also gave me a hard time on the whole guard vs. marching band pe credit. She was like "the band has to march and play their instruments". Omg, like the fing guard doesn't march too! And, we have to spin things that weigh more than most instruments... most, not all, but most. ARG! ANNOYING! I'll straighten it out with Ms. Esrailian when school starts because I need that quarter to make an even year of PE. I really wanted to yell at her but I just said fine and decided I'll work it out later. BUT I WANT SPAINISH IV AP!!!! SNIFFLES!!!!
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clarification, 08-22-04 12:08am

'advanced' or 'honors' is different than AP. you had to sign an AP contract last year to get into an AP this year. that's why she wouldn't let you take it.

and yeah, guard should get the credit too.

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Re: clarification, 08-22-04 1:25am

true... very true... that's what I told my mom but still... I should have taken honors since it was weighted but noooo... I didn't plan to take IV but now I want to so I can do Student Exchange and it's recommended since I'm signed up for the SAT II for Spanish in October

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