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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 8-21-2004 at 11:42pm
Current mood: amused
Music: Ursher f/ Je Budden* Confessions pt II "freemix" and taylor are crazy...yo Im mad I jus realized band camp iz in lyke ..2 days! :X .. but yea..yo I gotta get the book

Skinny Women are EVIL -by Mo'Nique

..I was readin part of it from mannnnn....people are halarious..

"if you wear clothes in the single digits, im talkin to you!" you go girl.. I was sayin amen da whole time I was readin dat.. I gotta go to bn & buy it nowww...and I -really- gotta do me sum laundry tomorrow..

yo dem white boys swimmin :O ! dey look kinda good! haha..but yea..dats all..more tomorrow

its tha 21st! :)

8 monthz til

*real eyez...realize...real liez*
One <3
c o u r t n e y
all I really want u to noe is who I am...
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08-26-04 12:44am

lol..skinny women arent evil...and ur skinny..shut

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Re:, 08-26-04 8:25pm

ray wtf are you talking about! lol nah I need to get that mess anyway and wat are you talk about if u put me in a category for skinny vs fat... i know where im goin im in the middle which means I am not skinny

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08-26-04 11:46pm

Added you. :D

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Re:, 08-28-04 5:30pm

thanks :) i'll do the same

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