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LoupGarou (profile) wrote,
on 8-22-2004 at 6:53pm
Current mood: exanimate
Music: Come to Jesus - Mindy Smith (it is very sad-sounding and pretty)
Subject: Great Googly Moogly!

"You walk past me -
I can feel your pain.
Time changes everything;
One truth always stays the same:
You're still you,
After all,
You're still you."

"You're Still you" by Josh Groban

Friday night stayed over at my grandma's. I'm proud of myself. Over the two times I went in her pool I swam 70 laps (35 Friday evening and 35 Saturday early afternoon), which is pretty good considering I haven't exercised as regularly as I would have liked to during the summer. And I figure Mema's pool is a bit shorter than the pool we used when my sister and I were on the swim team. Didn't do the laps all at once though. I took it pretty slow, 2-4 at a time. Oh well. I'm happy that my arms are sore.

Is that normal, being happy that your arms are sore?

My grandma's doing very well ^_^. She still has a great sense of humor lol. She's fonny. I luff my Mema.

Today I went to my Godfather and, technically I guess, cousin's house. Mike, my Godfather, is really funny. He and my dad get along so well. They'll be sitting on the couch watching olympics rowing or something and Dad will go "Yeah, Mike, you remember when we used to row for the Santa Clara rowing team?"
"Oh yeah, those were the days"
"Yep. mike used to be the guy with the bullhorn that would stand up and yell, 'ROW! ROW! ROW!'. Yeah, that was great."
And of course they've never done anything like that in their life.
"You know, Dennis (my dad), I'm keeping my eye out for a sitting in a chair competition. I - yeah I think I could get the gold for that."
"I think that should go for the Fall Olympics"
"Hey yeah! That's when all the new TV shows are on."
"Exactly. Great idea, we should do that! Fall Olympics.."
Mike also thinks he's Spiderman. You know those Spiderman decoder cards you can get from a cereal box or something? Apparently when Mike's family went to Hawaii they were going to the movie theaters and when they got up to one of the ticket guys or something Mike pulled out his Spiderman card and said, "Hey like my Spiderman card?"
The guy looke at him.
"Yeah look isn't it cool? These are very rare. I have a Spiderman card" he handed the card to the ticket guy.
"Yeah yeah mister that's really nice," he said nodding politely and pretending to examine the card, smiling.
"Yeah I know isn't it awesome?"
The ticket guy was probably thinking to himself This poor man is retarded . lol ^_^.

Anyway, Mike has three daughters, my cousins: Stephanie, Peggy, and Lauren. Stephanie is 13 and one of the top gymnasts in the state. She'll probably be at the next summer olympics. Peggy is 15 and goes to Mitti. Lauren just turned 18 and graduated from Presentation this year. Every year they celebrate Lauren and Stephanie's birthdays together because they're so close together, so that's what we were there for. things are kind of awkward though, because we're invited and then so are their cousins on their mom's side. I dunno I know they don't mean to make us feel ignored, and maybe I'm just antisocial when it comes to that stuff, but we kind of feel left out. Oh well, what can you do?

I am proud to announce, however, that Mike, Yolanda (his wife), Larry (peggy, Lauren, and Stephanie's uncle on their mom's side), Larry (larry's son lol), Joe (oldest of Larry's sons), and Larry #1's wife are voting for Bush. You can add my parents to that number, and Yolanda's nasically telling Lauren she's voting for Bush this year, since she just turned 18. lol. So that's... 9 people methinks. I was surprised to hear they were on the republican side indeed.
Mike says he think's Kerry's a wimp. Teehee.

You know something I find interesting? I was talking to Jen Carrow the other day, and I'm well aware that she may have the address to this journal, so I can only half hope she doesn't see this. I don't like it when people are angry with me, but who knows? Maybe if she reads this she'll understand what I'm saying.
We were talking about how people can be stereotypical about things, like religion. During that conversation she said something like: "yeah it bugs me when people say things and don't consider other people's feelings." It made me wonder: You think she thought about that when she wrote that note about Mrs. Saunders?

For those that don't know, Mrs. Saunders, my English teacher, had bad hip problems. I think she had surgery on it this summer. But because of this problem she would make pain sounds, like gasps every once in a while when she did things. I don't particularly think that Mrs. Saunders was the greatest nor the friendliest teacher in the world, but when she wasn't teaching, she was really a nice person, and I think that she should at least be respected in some part that she came in to teach us even though her hip sometimes hurt her so much she could hardly walk. For some reason Jen has hated to a point beyond hate.. I guess you could say she practically loathed her. But I could never figure out why. I don't ever remember Mrs. Saunders doing anything besides being exessively grumpy, but maybe there's something deeper than that.
One day she wrote a note. I believe it said something like: "Yeah I bet the reason Mrs. Saunders moans like that all the time is because she goes to the bathroom and sticks a dildo in her and leaves it in all day."
Mrs. Saunders found it, and you can imagine how hurt she was. I think she even cried. I don't care how much you dislike a person, you do not say something as cruel as that. The woman is suffering from sickness and pain and she still comes to teach us. I was sickened when I heard that one of my classmates wrote that about someone. I think I was even afraid to tell and complain to my Mom or any of my friends outside school because I was so ashamed of it. It's despicable.

I remember for a period of time I truly hated Jen. I hated how someone could be so sick as to say something like that about a person who, to other people at least, has done nothing. Someone who's sick. I did truly hate her.

And I wonder if she thought about what other people's feelings when she wrote that. Did she realize how many people would disagree with what she did? Do you think she maybe truly believed people would agree with her? And after she came back from suspention I don't even know if she was sorry for what she did.

Do I just not understand things?

I wish she'd explain to me. I want to try to understand.

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08-23-04 10:13pm

Your family seems really funny. I wish my family could get along like that... Oh well. I guess there is nothing I can do about it.

I hate Jen. In 6th grade she threatened to slam my head into the lockers. I knew she wouldn't but still it was very mean. I hope Mrs. Saunders gets better. She really was pretty nice when we went in to talk to her about the cheating.

Bye dude.

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08-24-04 7:54pm

You're life in interesting =).

This Jen Carrow... I can see why you hate her... and it's mean of her to do that... but you say, "I don't care how much you dislike a person, you do not say something as cruel as that."... and I admit, I would say something mean like that about teacher I don't like. ... But then again.. you continue on to saying, "The woman is suffering from sickness and pain and she still comes to teach us." Which changes the situation completely. If the teacher I disliked was sick, then I would not say something like that. BUT, again, if she was a wicked bitch that only came to work to complain and was grumpy ALLLL the time (even outside of class) and always wanted sympathy, and when not met with sympathy, would lash out on the person, then I would say something.

And also, you said, "I hated how someone could be so sick as to say something like that about a person who, to other people at least, has done nothing." In the eyes of pretty much everyone who does not know my family well or is not told by me about Michael's evilness, Michael is an innocent, kind, young gentleman. You and I know this is not true.

Well... though this is probably not what you MEANT to imply, I just felt like picking and poking at your linguistics ^_^. I'm bored. :P.

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Re:, 08-25-04 12:30am

lol Even if you would say that, Jimmsteroonie, I'd have to say that I still disapprove of it. I just don't think it's right to say something like that. Especially when you only know one side of them. I mean at home their life could suck. People have no idea what other people are going through. And Mrs. Saunders wasn't overly friendly, but she wasn't a terrible hag either. Every once in a while she had her really grumpy days lol. But some other times she was fine. Before we were about to take the high school entrance exam, during school recess one day she asked us what high school we were trying for. When we told her Notre Dame she got really happy and kept saying "That's a great school, a great school. I'm glad you girls chose to go there. You'll do very well." And at the Young Author's Faire she was there to represent the people in our grade who had won and she was in a really good mood talking to everyone and waving hello and completementing people on their work. She was actually a very nice lady and I have to respect that she does come in to teach us because she wants to, not because she simply wants sympathy.

Last Year Mr. Vane was sick with cancer, but he loved us, so everyday he could whether he was in pain or not, he would come in and teach us stuff. lol He kept his humorous attitude until he died, and he never complained once. teachers said in the faculty room he would wince and stuff, but he never showed any of that in front of us.

i don't know what that has to do with anything, I guess I was just reminded of it.

By the way have you found out if Ruza got in to ND?

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Re: Re:, 08-25-04 1:54am

Lol, I think you misunderstood. I was bored. And I wanted to see if I could challenge various things you said. I never meant to imply or say anything about Mrs. Saunder and her attitude (yada, yada, yada), but just to "replicate" her persona onto another fake teacher, and change various aspects.. and you could also say, "toy," with this fake teacher, to see if you still felt the same way about what you had said. I think I made it sound more complex than it really is - but aw well ^_^.

And no, I still haven't found out about Ruza =(.

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Re: Re: Re:, 08-25-04 10:20pm


Bewaaaare... bewaaaaaaare YAHAHAA! The stairs! Don't fall down them!


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