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emmyd (profile) wrote,
on 8-23-2004 at 1:58pm
Current mood: ecstatic
Music: my mix...
haha finally i got my fucking journal to work!!! haha manda fixed it!!! it looks sooooo much better now!!!

today has been a good day!! lol

-Woke up and i did what my mom told me to do
-I helped mark out
-Mark left for Maine with Tessa
-Peter left for work
-Might be able to chill with Nikki tonite
-Might get to see all my girliez tomaro
-I talked to Helena...we settled a lot of things, and we are willing to make everything work now :-) we are friends again!
-Manda fixed my journal!!! i love her

tell me if u like it...
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- kelly, 08-23-04 7:38pm

that's cool how on the bottom of the page it says stuff...all cool looking.

I'm listening tp the spice girls..whoa i'm cool :)

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Re: - kelly, 08-23-04 7:38pm

*to the spice girls..

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