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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 8-23-2004 at 9:21pm
i want someone where i wouldnt mind spending everyday out on their corner in the pouring rain
i want someone who doesnt care what other peole think of him
i want someone who will dance the electric slide with me and have no shame in it
i want someone who is so laid back that they wear flip flips
i want someone who will make me happy
"i cant get n0 satisfaction" lmao. --andi

went t0 nd laughed in class f0r a freakin h0ur ab0ut japan and a potato fammily...?

p0or lil lacey has t0 be all bah herself in p.e... 0n the 0ther side 0f t0wn ::snifF..

nd since miZ jiZz never freakin ims me 0r c0mments.. =(

ima g0.. i <3 b0o!


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08-25-04 4:04pm

i love you more then anything in the whole world !! ='( ='( ='(

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hay cuzz!, 08-25-04 9:40pm

"i cant get n0 satisfaction" lmao. --andi

is that me? j/w cuz i dont remember saying that. lol
i loooove yooh cuzz! call meh sumtime!
-xo- andi

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Re: hay cuzz!, 08-25-04 10:33pm

n0.. l0l. its a girl andi.. really g0od writer.. n0t y0u. but luhv y0u cuh!! l0l
see ya 0n christmas. l0l


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Re: Re: hay cuzz!, 08-26-04 3:43pm

i dont think i can wait that long!
lol love yooh!

-xo- andi

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