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sandatthebeach (profile) wrote,
on 8-25-2004 at 12:02am
Current mood: tired as hell
Subject: blood shot eyes
First day of school: Yipee.

It wasn't horrible. It wasn't awesome but it wasn't bad either. It was decent. I realized how much I'm gonna have to work this year....because I actually care now. I care about my grades now...I care about getting into college. I want to raise my grades and I'm gonna do it. This year is going to be different because I will actually work and actually care.

Let's see....let's start from the beginning (I don't really feel like reading my book or going to bed).....

6:45 AM - Corey was outside of my house sitting in his car waiting for me to come out so we could leave. It was painful for me...I haven't waken up that early in so long....nor have I survived a day with less than 7 hours of sleep since the school year ended. I was insane in the car because I was really dizzy because I hadn't eaten anything (normally I'll drink some milk or orange juice if I don't have enough to prepare real food because I figure I should probably have some kind of liquid with significant nutrients rather than just water which contains nothing other than hydrogen and oxygen molecules). Also I had gotten 3 hours of sleep so it was insane because the lack of rest wasn't easing the pain in my head.

Corey and I arrived at Stunkel and Q's houses and picked them up and the four of us began our way towards Libertyville to meet Bryan Reid. In front of Reid's house, we met up with Jill, her sister, Patrice and her sister. It was a party in Libertyville at 7 in the morning before school.

Arrived at school.

First period-Phyics with Ravenscraft: Not bad...found that I was in the same class with many many people I knew which is always fun. Dudes...Q is in my Physics...I was so taken back...Someone from our theatre department was in my class who wasn't a fellow Junior!! 'Twas exciting. And Kurt Proepper is also in my class which I was also surprised about.....Matt Smith was also there and Jon Padraja....It was party in Physics class with band people lol. And Ravenscraft seems really cool.

2nd Period-Concert Choir with OC: Choir is so chaotic. It was insane. There are 37 people in not 3...not 7...but 37!!!! EWWWWWW And OC was having a hard time managing all 37 people and it was only the first day. Oy vey. Moving on.

3rd Period-English Lit Honors with Isabelli: You'll laugh at me...but I was actually nervous sitting there in his class. I was not calm at I decided to make myself appear extremely energetic which turned out to not be a bad idea. I was so worried about getting on the bad side of Isabelli because I've heard so many bad stories about him....I was freakin' nervous sitting there listening to him talk about the class!!! But it turned out to be ok....I survived...and I seem to be on the good side of Isabelli so far...we'll see what he thinks of me a couple weeks from now...I'm gonna look like such a dumbass...we have like the 5 smartest people in the Junior class in Lit. Boy do I feel small....::sigh::

4th Period - Wind Ensemble con Sundell: Band is sweet. Need I say more?

5th Period - Lunch/Orchestra with people: Yeah, I didn't know I was supposed to go to Orchestra so I went to Lunch instead ::shrugs:: Oh well..,.sorry Patrice..I kinda ditched you...I kept walking with Beth who also had lunch at the time.

6th Period - Advanced Math with Healey: Healey's cool. I like him...he doesn't seem like a bad teacher either. I'm not too worried about this class at the moment....why? Well, he's like you're not going to be tested on waht you were assigned the night before...::raises eyebrow:: so math class last year must have been abnormal...we had chapter tests the same week we started it. Naturally I failed and obviously I dropped honors because I didn't like the pace. I'm sorry...I like math...I consider myself to be pretty decent at it....but I'm not a math whiz or that fast of a learner. ::Shrugs:: Just deal.

7th Period - Gym with the gym teachers: I hate gym with a passion. I wanted to take dance class so badly because I actually try and I'm actually interested!!! Grrrr damn you OC and the choir-ness and the physic-ness. So apparently this year, we all have to take fitness tests and based on our scores we get to choose what gym class we take. Bullshit. I'm gonna be like in the hardest working one. I mean....I don't really want to do Outdoor Ed...don't really want to cook eggs all the time....I wanna play some sports....I might not even mind weight training...just don't get me in the pool. I hate the much...there's a reason why I don't really go to the pool during the summer...I prefer just laying in my backyard to tan rather than going to the pool...I really really don't like it. :-P

8th Period - US History Honors with Dircks: So the lady seems to know what she's talking about...that's fine. She actually comprehends social studies...taht doesn't mean I have to automatically favor her. She's so....mean. ::Shrugs:: I'll try and get on the good side of her....yeah, I'll suck up if I have to. She reminds me of Shenk a little...except I liked Shenk better. Haha Shenk--oh man I'm gonna miss her lol good times. Oh btw there are 13 people in my US History class...let's just say...there will be lots of personal attention which means I should probably be prepared and actually speak up (I hate participating in class discussions because I'm really bad at gathering my thoughts and putting them in words and make some kind of sense).

So that was my first day of school. Tomorrow's gonna be interesting. More sitting and more piling of the books. Can't wait. Hear the excitement in my typing?.......That's waht I thought.

Always, Sandy
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08-25-04 1:15pm

Joy. Gotta love school.

At least it sounds like you had an okay first day.

I love you.

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