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KirbyDee (profile) wrote,
on 8-28-2004 at 3:31pm
Current mood: tired but happy
Music: "Boom Boom Boom Boom" --Vengaboys
Subject: all is good ^^
The Back to School Dance was last night, had a great time. Yesterday was actually a good day, I had a psychiatry appointment and we talked about how things are going and how I'm actually starting to be empathic. Mom says she's going to load $150 onto my card since I've been so good, guess it really does pay to be nice ^.~

William wants a hamster, that's the last thing this house needs... because when Cleo kills it, she'll leave it under my bed as a gift. How pleasant... She's moved past lizards, killed the cutest mouse but she prefers birds. There more of a challenge. Before you ask questions, I'm very close to my cat to the point I can sense what she would say if she could say it and no I'm not psyco. ^^ Hopefully =^.^= Anyway, Kii is off to get his first round of shots soon... Poor fellow...

Now to the dance, we picked up Yee and then went to the dance. I wore that pink A.E. overshirt, a red spaghetti top, white belt and jeans ^^ Took the overshirt off once I was in the dance though, our dress code is a bunch of b.s. Anyway, danced with friends and it was really hot. Then some random guy I don't know asked to dance with me after staring at my ass for that one song about big butts... ANYWAY, so I freaked him and he made me go really low which was actually fun until Mrs. Satterwhite (principal) shined a flashlight on us.... yeah... So I went back to my friends and we had a good time but Yee wanted to go into the middle of the crowd so Avery, Yee and I went in and found Chrissy, Mel, Gabi and Lane. That was fun, especially since Lane kept trying to get his friends to dance with us (Lane was pimpin!) and eventually his friends didn't want to and so he danced with me since he didn't have any friends who could dance well. That was fun, but by this time my legs were dying so I turned to face him (which really didn't help the situation) but he can dance... So we danced for a while and then they played a slow song and my search for Ike (who I had been looking for the entire dance) commensed yet again... but then I decided to just ask Thomas to dance because MSS guys are sexy but I couldn't find him either and then Rob asked me for like the third time.... Longest three minutes of my life... I wish I could just tell him I don't like... *sigh* Oh the tangled webs we weave. Anyway, the second the lights turn on, I find both Tom and Ike... I was pissed ^^ But I had a good time!
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lane, 08-28-04 8:19pm

(Lane was pimpin!)

i know. it sucks. i want(ed) him.

and HELL YES he can dance. he'll be an awesome friend.

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Re: lane, 08-28-04 10:41pm

Much agreed, this year's handful of guy friends are going to be awesome! I can tell Lane is going to be awesome and hopefully Ike too ^^

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