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melikepeas (profile) wrote,
on 8-31-2004 at 10:20am
Current mood: angsty
Music: misfits
Subject: angst central
How much of a fucking nob was damian last night. Urgh. Fucking sick of phone calls like that. And im fucking sick to death of double fucking standards.
Anyway, proberbly going out on friday with the work lot and im out next fiday with stacey and holly to say bye bye to holly before she goes to uni *is sad* college wont be the same without holly there. Anyway better go get ready, decided not to go shopping today as i wouldnt have enough time before work so we shall be shopping really hard tomorow.

oh yeah ---> hahahahhaha
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08-31-04 12:06pm

fuck you inall then. i guess i wont bother coming down on friday.

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08-31-04 1:53pm

i asked craig as he was stood there when i was on the phone to you last night he said i was not being an asshole. i was going to come down your after work on friday but your going out so i wont bother. btw i have had enough of this shit. at least unlike most people i want to spk to my gf. ill phone you on my next break and we will TALK!

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Re:, 09-01-04 12:16pm

Craig didnt hear the convo because he had' gone for a piss outside' as you put it.
Sick of what exactly me getting pissed of when you act like a bastard when youre pissed?

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