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Serenity (profile) wrote,
on 9-8-2004 at 4:06am
Current mood: tired.. sick
Music: The Cure - The Promise
Subject: 6/4/04 - 9/1/04
“Do you like nigger music?” – Stephanie’s Grandpa

“Is this the group-grope?” – Tom’s mom

“You’re a fun-sucking sponge.” – Eric Verhaar

“What’s fat people music?” – Phil Maas

“Do you want me to hit you with my ritual stick?” – Kevin Cuppett

“I feel like I should tap-dance.” – Tom Maynard

“Have you ever taken a poop that felt longer than it was? It kind’ve disappoints you.” – James Golden

“I think I have an unclean soul.” – Michelle Foster

“Man I got the plops like mad.” – Josh Shelton

“Come here Dustin and do something dirty to Brandi.” – Erika Childs

“I had sex with your brother last night.” – Erika Childs
“See, I’m not gay.” – Dustin Cain
“Then why were you shouting ‘Johnny?’” – Erika

“I feel like a fish stick. Do you feel like a fish stick?” – Stacy Cain

“Remember back in the day when I used to play with girls?” – Stacy Cain

“How does everything end up on your penis?” – Stacy Cain

“It was a good story until I told it.” – Kamal Kimball

“His face is somewhat symmetrical.” – Kamal

“It is disgusting, but it’s hot.” – Kate

"I'm making a little sweater for my fingers. Look at that! Like a little man. 'Hi, Kate, I love you!' That was my finger." -Kamal

“You’re not a blob, godammit.” – James Golden

“Justin, you just got run over by a Jap.” – Jay Ruster

“You’re like a worm with no arms.” – Stacy Cain

“Please don’t tell my mom I said ‘sex,’ she will wash my mouth out with soap and bible.” – Ben Birk

“I’m gonna go stare at myself naked in the mirror.” – Ben Birk

“Becka, you’re a poophole.” – Josh Shelton

“I saw your house and it’s really nice. By how you look, I thought you’d live in a shack.” – Kelly Metzger

“Flying phonebooks on the loose.” – Stacy Cain

“Like that one guy... the Mormons.” – Ron Wheaton

“Look, a cemetery.” – Kate
“Let’s go play! Wait no, I have to pee.” – Lisa Leonard

“Without selfishness, there wouldn’t be love.” – Lisa

"I'm not a sexual sinner like you are." - Lorrie

“I little kid a flipped off.” – Dustin Cain

“Kate is ugly.” – Everyone

“Stacy’s a homo.” – Everyone and then some

“Stacy should die, she was a big accident spawned from Satan’s retarded inbred children.” – God

“Dustin is the best person in the whole wide house.” – Everyone

“I don’t think they make men shoes small because only midgets would wear them and they don’t wear shoes because midgets are barely people.” – Stacy Cain

“Joe gets a lot of things from you.” – Kate
“Like herpes.” – Stacy Cain

“It feels weird when you stick cylinder things in my pants.” – Stacy Cain

“Hey Matt, it’s 2 minutes past now.” – Stacy

“Transvestite bacon.” – Stacy

“I’ll shove this down your ass.” – Stacy

“It feels like my shirt is on fire.” – Kate

“Fuck you, Dustin.” – Stacy Cain
“You wish.” – Dustin Cain
“Ewww…” – Joe, Stacy, Kate

“Hey Lisa, you suck.’ – Stacy Cain
“I suck your mom!” – Lisa Leonard

“My ass is bleeding.” – Matt Whetzel

“Come here so we can fuck the hell out of you.” – Matt Whetzel

“That just made everything worse.” – Matt Whetzel
“Like what, rectal cancer?” – Joe Castine

“Get your hand out of his butt.” – Joe Castine

“If you were wearing shoes, you’d be a perfect small Asian boy.” – Matt Whetzel

“What are you being shielded from?” – Lisa Leonard
“Penises.” – Matt Whetzel

“Can I have an ice water with no water, just soda?” – Stacy Cain

“Hey look, it’s Gary Potter! [Harry Potter’s] less magical brother.” – Matt Whetzel

“I don’t eat food. I am outside of food. I am better than food.” – Matt Whetzel

“You don’t have to be poor, to be a whore.” – Stacy Cain

“I think it looks like an egg.” – Kate
“I think fuck the shut up.” – Dustin Cain

“Yay for butt-fuckin.” – Kevin Cuppett

“Wouldn’t that be nice? Piss some girl off and she shows you her boobies.” – Brad Blair

“You’re full of shit.” – Kevin Cuppett
“You’re right, I didn’t crap yet today.” – Robbie Carlstrom

“I hear thunder. It reminds me of Garth Brooks.” – Brad Blair

“I hate leopard print. Fat women wear leopard print.” – Lorrie Shelton (Kate’s mom)

“Her tears are gonna come out her nose.” – Jenny Reed

“Wouldn’t it be funny if she wore mold on her feet?” – Stacy Cain

“The toaster is moving. No one believes me.” – Stacy Cain

“She gets really irrigant.” – Jenny Reed

“Once I had Ramen Nooders ...” – Jenny Reed

“Your mom tastes like fruit punch.” – Brad Blair
“I wish my mom tasted like fruit punch.” – Lisa Leonard

“Turn it down, I can’t hear myself die.” – Kelly Metzger

“Matt, seriously, I need a buttlick.” – Brad Blair

“Kate, your skin cells are nummy looking.” – Matt Whetzel

“I’m not humping a wet dinosaur.” – Stacy Cain

“It’s a national day, there’s a douche in my shower and it’s not Dustin.” – Stacy Cain

“[She’s] a piece of shit wrapped in skin.” – Matt Whetzel

“They can rape me for all I care. They can rape me in the ass and make me bleed.” – Matt Whetzel

“Oh my god, I broke my skirt.” – Matt Whetzel

“It’s like they gave me a fucking bag of floppy cocks.” – Stacy Cain

“Every time I’m thinking about floppy cocks, I’m gonna tell you.” – Stacy Cain

“Neilee’s made of acid, I don’t want her cooties.” – Matt Whetzel

“Watch out for the gaping butthole.” – Kevin Cuppett

"If you're gonna be my friend, you're gonna have to accept that I have a blanket growing out of my face." - Stacy Cain
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09-08-04 4:25pm


Kate is ugly.” – Everyone

“Stacy’s a homo.” – Everyone and then some

“Stacy should die, she was a big accident spawned from Satan’s retarded inbred children.” – God

“Dustin is the best person in the whole wide house.” – Everyone

I remember writing all that crap at my house.

Good times..

Great oldies..

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Re:, 09-08-04 4:27pm



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09-08-04 8:23pm

3 months and that's all you have of me? Pathetic. Shows how much you don't listen.

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09-08-04 9:33pm

*Is dissapointed* You forgot what i said at justins party.. aparently..

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09-08-04 9:38pm

Wooh!! i'm in these ones

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09-08-04 10:15pm

I suppose I won't ever appear in the wonderful quotes of Kate ever again. Damnit.

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Re:, 09-08-04 11:21pm

I'm sure you will. I hardly saw you ever the summer. I hardly see you this year either though.. but I'll listen real close when you talk ;)

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09-09-04 4:21pm

I LOVE how all every person cares about is how much they got quoted...

Attention whores.

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Re:, 09-09-04 7:53pm

you'd be complaining too.

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Re: Re:, 09-10-04 6:30am

Not really..

When Kate and I first started hanging out she quoted me maybe once.. I was glad she bothered to even do that.

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