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lala91 (profile) wrote,
on 8-31-2004 at 8:38pm
Music: taking back sunday.

lying on the table with everything you said.

not gonna write my day because..
1)no one cares.
2)no one reads my journal.
3) my days are SO boring!

i miss britt nd kaela and all the other 9th graders.

let this be my lasttear.
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08-31-04 9:00pm

i care.

i love you so much <3. and miss you even more ..

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Re:, 08-31-04 9:03pm

p.s. that was mizz jizz =)

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09-01-04 3:47pm

omg kayla i miss you so much n ilu more than lyfe itself! <333 kaela

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Re:, 09-01-04 10:08pm

hey i luVv y0u guyz so f*****n much! muahz nd a half!! lol.

call meh britt! <3

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09-07-04 8:53am

to think you love me more is just crazy
because that means you love me to the mountains
you love me to the skies
you love me like crazy
you love me like..
i love you.


we send cheeky emails
attempt to buy cheeky necklaces
and get wasted cheekily.


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