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missunderstood (profile) wrote,
on 9-1-2004 at 9:20pm
I really really hate it when people snoop around and read your journal behind your back..sometimes, it makes me want to scream.. I really hate that..
Especially when THEIR journal is completely protected and you can't read it unless you're the writer..mine was candid until the trust was broken. Just because I was looking at it when I was getting poems for the poetry reading DOES NOT authorize you to read my inner most private feelings..Tit for tat is also not an excuse.. I don't give a shit.
Don't fucking do it again..
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12-05-04 4:27am

Hello. i promise i dont know who you just had one of the same interests as me.

i decided to comment because i know what you're talking about and i agree. especially when they trick your friends into giving the address to you. Even more so when you trusted them the most of all your friends.

i'm sorry someone read your journal.

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