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emmyd (profile) wrote,
on 9-2-2004 at 7:29pm
Current mood: tired
Music: eminem..
Subject: baa
no school tomaro :-) wahooo
maybe i will be able to see people :o)

yea so shop this week was wicked classes on tuesday...

my stomach hurts again :-[

ughh having no IMs makes me sooo mad...and my dads gunna be home tonite so i cant even talk to anyone!!! tonite i not gunna be a pussy lol and im gunna ask him to make it so i can have them back on EmmyD89.... :-\ lol thats the one thing we DONT do in my family...we dont ask dad to reverse sumthing he did for a good reason, but even my mom thinks its about time lol...i dont think im grounded anymore tho, but i donno i dont wanna ask and then get in a big ass argument cuz i asked a fuckin question...

well im gunna go be bored and lonely...
leave love...
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yo yo yo gangsta k in the..subject box., 09-02-04 9:59pm

my lovely icon!
I will make you one now..or try.

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Re: yo yo yo gangsta k in the..subject box., 09-02-04 10:35pm

I tried lol.

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09-03-04 10:14am

ahhhh!! omg its soo cuute!!!!!!!
omg its soooo cuuute

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