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behindmymask (profile) wrote,
on 8-30-2004 at 4:15pm
Current mood: uncomfortable
Music: MTV
Subject: just listen
A bandage covers the blood. A sleeve covers the scars.

I didnÍt do it for attention so im trying to hide it. Its hard though!~ I think my parents caught on I covered it with bandages. I hope no one sees. I did it not for attention but bc I wont cry any more I will bleed.
Me and eric are ok now I still love him jus not too much, like before. I wont be blinded this time. I will see him for him and me for me. Ill split us up when we need to beƒ when I need to be! I love you stillƒ but I wont cry over you any more~ ill bleed. Do you get it now? CALL ME when you do
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07-13-05 1:00am

u sound like how i used to...if u need help, im me. sn is used2bemine182

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