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emmyd (profile) wrote,
on 9-4-2004 at 10:47am
Current mood: groggy
Music: nothin..
Subject: my stomach hurts :-[
im so tired. . .

well yesterday i went to Ryans and chilled there with Derek and him. . .
ryan ur lil sister is the cutest thing ever!! lol

ughh so today i prolly have to clean around the house and get ready for the party next week for my dad, its supposed to be a surprise so we have to clean up the house wen hes not here :-\ and of course ill prolly have to be my moms bitch for the next week, yea thats pretty fuckin gay....

haha im watchin BoonDock Saints :-) hmm...good times, good times ;-)

wow my stomach hurts i hate my stomach haha it hurts every fuckin day

hmm yes i have a new icon now :-) haha
MADE BY KELLY!! lol yes it says bubbles!! lol Nikki made that name up for mein Florida then every1 in shop started callin me that haha..thank you kelly for the icon! :-) luv yaa

well im gunna go lay down and maybe my stomach will stop hurting....

leave love...

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its me baby me!, 09-04-04 5:21pm

ok.. so yeah well i got sum news for u so i think you better sit down for this. ok so the news its that im PREGNANT WITH UR BABY!!!. its a boy and im going to name him isaiah and im going to see the ultra sound shit on friday the 10th i would love if you would come with me the apointment is at 2:30 so if you are able to attend you know witch hospital to go to and you may call my cell phone to inform me if you would like. alright well..i lover you very much so i will see u friday hopefully <3333

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- mememe Wouldstalk (you), 09-04-04 9:48pm

your welcome! I was very proud of that icon :)

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