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DiTzYjEnN (profile) wrote,
on 9-5-2004 at 5:35pm
still waitin out the hurricane. so i figured i wud tell u wat i did yesterday...

1)my mom and taylor went to a tanning salon, while first me, other taylor, and allie waited in the car then we went to juice lucys and got fries.
2)went to lee nails in the mall and got our eyebrows waxed which made my face relly red.
3) pac sun b4 i got my pedicure so i cud have flip flops.
4) got my first pedicure which was INCREDIBLE! he massaged my feet and legs and i got my toes a french manicure.
5) walked around mall. went to pac sun 3 times. bought me and taylor matching outfits... black flip flops, white belt, green shirt, scarf, hat, bracelet, ring. and we alrdy had matching pants. we wore it to hooters later on and every guy in there was lookin at us.
6) came home. was gona go to movies, but then we cudnt cuz it was too windy.

2day.. weve done nothing. i bought 3 movies from hollywood video, and exchanged the other two that didnt work.
then publix, got sum stuff. now im home. no dinner, and im starving. im gona have to go bug them to get sumthing.
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