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cradleofilth (profile) wrote,
on 9-6-2004 at 10:42am
i may not be updating this much, but when i do, it'll be friends only, because of some asshole who has nothing better to do but to piss people off......i have an lj now, if ya want it, ask meh
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09-07-04 11:06am

Hooray for movies we know nothing about!!

Let's go again sometime ^__^ And throw popcorn at the little boys.

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<3, 09-14-04 10:40pm

Just so you know, I love you ^-^

Luvvles *-*

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01-16-05 1:59am

not coming back to woohu? ^.^

its changed

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:), 11-03-05 8:26pm

Totally random but thought I would say hi, and whatnot. I love the picture in the background of your journal :)

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