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DiTzYjEnN (profile) wrote,
on 9-10-2004 at 2:43pm
Subject: 4 days
since i last updated this. thats a long time for me. ive had ALOT of hw. ALOT of band. and ALOT of fluting... hw is the only bad thing.
2day was the first pep rally... okay i guess. not as good as last yr tho. mr d. was the best. mrs lunger talked alot, and it was too short with too many rules. oh well.
tonite is the first football game of the season. playin dunbar.. we dont get to march our show on the field cuz we didnt get to go to the field last nite at practice which relly sucks ass. i was looking foward to marching.. now we are jst gona run on the field to the after the six slow steps str8 foward, play the show, play sum standstunes including fight song which is the only standstune i DONT know, then go bac to the stands. im gona try to make the best of it tho.
i got grades today-
Spanish- 87
AP World History- 91
English Honors II- 100
Geometry H- sum kinda high B
Wind Ensemble- 100. that was a toughie...
SAT/ACT Prep- 77. only 3 grades which i got a 60 on one and 88's on the other two
Chemistry H- 98.

im mad about the SAT grade. everything else is good. i jst have to talk to my spanish teacher about that 87... i think i shud have an A.

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