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DiTzYjEnN (profile) wrote,
on 9-11-2004 at 12:16am
Subject: football game--
football team- was doin pretty good. better than last yr. was ahead for awhile, but ended up losing 26-18.
band- eh.. in the stands was ok. not as fun and exciting as last yr. i tryed to get every1 hyped up, but it wasnt workin that well. then halftime came. dunbar wasnt too good at all, but ours didnt do anything to show them up. a standstill of the opener, war chant, and 1 other song (it was so bad i dont remember wat it was..?) doesnt relly get any1 too hyped up. plus every1 was confused. half the ppl didnt play. and half the ppl that did play were playin soft. oh well. i still think it wud have been better if we marched. even if the freshies have never done it be4.


ps. i have a feelin that sum1 is going to come to their senses soon. and i cant wait to laugh in their faces.
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