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shama06 (profile) wrote,
on 9-12-2004 at 8:23pm

Even though i'll still write in this randomly.

Go there and tell me whether you think I should stick with Woohu, or switch to that for frequent updating.

I'd appreciate it! ;)
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09-12-04 9:48pm

ahh you're leavin me :( the other journal is cool too though, but I think woohu is easier to work than any other journal.. well let me know what you decide so I know which one to read :)


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Re:, 09-13-04 1:48am

I love this journal too much to leave it. I'll probably write in it too, just not as often. It is a lot simpler than GJ, that's for sure but I like the way it looks. You can still look at this journal too, i'll still check comments and comment on everyone elses all the time. =]

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Re: Re:, 09-13-04 9:44pm

I'm thinking you need to stay here on Woohu! Because GJ freezes up my computer when I try to go to it :(

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