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sadsongsnmyhead87 (profile) wrote,
on 9-12-2004 at 9:33pm
Current mood: rejected
Music: the voices are singing to me...
Subject: Cliques are Stupid
You know...some people have to do so much, just to have the chance of talking to someone popular...and in doing so, make fun of the people who the popular kids don't really associate with. In return that's what seemed to have been the case all this weekend.

Just to set up the scenario, a few people get together with the cool and start talking. Then, they mention a certain someone and end up going on endless rants about them...good/bad shit.

Weird how when one thing happens one place, the same thing happens all over again elsewhere. But anywho. How stupid. Stupid and corrupted. I've never known anybody who wanted to fit in that badly with people that they'd actually hurt other people. Only thought that happened in movies but I guess I was totally wrong.

Feh, anyway. I'm over-analyzing. Stupid IB-ness taking over.

You know what? I'm an asshole. I make the biggest deal out of the smallest things.

I'm a jerk.

I'm a bitch.

I'm evil.

I am hated. Who cares anymore. I don't.

I hate me. I HATE ME!
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