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sadsongsnmyhead87 (profile) wrote,
on 9-14-2004 at 6:13pm
Current mood: crazy
Music: Something from the Japanese Pokémon CD
Subject: Weirdest Morning Ever...
Okay, so I got up this morning and got ready for school. I had, maybe 5 minutes to spare so I decided to choose what CD to take to listen to the bus today. I usually take whatever is in the stereo. Anyway, I was staring at my thing of CDs [I have just about 100 now] and I was thinking of taking my Clay Aiken CD today. But then, my Yellowcard CD was staring back it me, calling out to me as if it didn't want me to leave it behind. So, I ended up staring at the two...thinking "which one should I take, Aiken of YC?"

I looked up and looked at my other CDs and it turned out that ALL my CDs were staring at me... ALL OF THEM! It was like--standing in front of huge class and trying to propose a discussion or something. So...what happened was, I ended up putting Aiken in my CD player, 12 random other CDs in a handy case, and, the Yellowcard CD in my binder. I ended up listening to all of them on the bus, thought people thought I was crazy. :-D. Anyway. Yeah...That was one of the hardest decisions I had to make XD. W00t.

Yeah, so that was my morning before school. When I get to band today though, I announce to some of the people in there that I might not be able to go to anime club anymore...and that what I find out that I was voted treasurer without even actually giving a speech, let alone show up. O_O;; So...I dunno, now I have a reason to go. Heheh. Uhm. I still want to know who nominated me for treasurer and actually spoke in my place. O_o;; Freaky-deaky. Yeah, I guess people just liked talking about me on football games, during lunch, after school, really weird.

OHHHHHHH! I got a account! WoO! I luvs it. *huggles* Yeah. The url is...

Yep. Gotta do Gault homework now. It's my only hope for bringing my F up... - -;; My first and only F. *cries*...anyway. L8terZ.
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