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lindseyethatsme (profile) wrote,
on 9-18-2004 at 9:22am
Music: lynard skynard
okay wow its been a long time since i've updated ... i know.
i guess so much has happened i've been waiting for it all to just...come to a point where
things STOP happening.
and then i can talk about them.

and i guess that point is now.
first of all
nathan and i broke up on the second of september.
which no one besides us and a few people really dont know about still.
i guess we both decided not saying anything would cause less drama
less questions from people...
who most likely dont really care.
erica and patrick are still together which is awesome.
i was invited to go see LYNARD SKYNARD with erica and nathan and patrick about a month ago...
and i cant go because i have a game to go to that night that i HAVE to be at.
i was so upset.
but i guess it worked out for the best because at the time nathan and i weren't broken up.

its so weird how fast things change from the way they've been for so long.

school has sucked for the whole month of september...until this past week. too pointless to talk about but lets just say DRAMA. so stupid

hey i like you with the brown hair. :)
and the eyes:)
haha- hey it had to be in here SOMEWHERE

freebird has been the song of the month i guess (erica)
and cant always get what you want was probably the song of hte month for august.
that was a less dramatic month all in all -

now i guess everything is coming around from what it was, to what it became, to everyone just accepting it for what it is. if that makes any sense.

and things are just...kind of floating right now
i think everyones waiting to see what happens next.
i know i am.

baby its been sweet love
though this feeling i cant change
please dont take it so badly
cause lord knows im to blame

-Freebird >i'll always think of you erica

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From Erica, 09-19-04 12:37pm

Hey Girl.. I'm so glad to hear that things have started to settle down for you... although no one likes to "down time" in life when nothing really happens- I think you need this more than anything right now. just take a deep breath. Everythings gonna happen for you. Youre awesome, and even though you 'cant always get what you want' you have always found a way to want what you already have. and I respect you for that. Youre right, the concert is gonna be awesome and its REALLY too bad you couldnt come. I'll think of you!!

Hang in there girl... youre time is coming :) :) :)

MuCh LoVe!!!
Erica Clare - your freebird

haha. love you girl. to pieces.. of bean cake?

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sweet home alabama, 09-20-04 5:55pm

no drama? way to see whats going down around you in your life.(or whats passing you by in life)
you're a lost cause.
maybe you should think about it..

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to 'sweet home alabama', 09-20-04 8:21pm

Whoever you are, screw you. Linsdey isnt a lost cause, shes just finally happy and getting things straight, so fuck off and stop talking shit.

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Re: to tyler i think, 09-20-04 10:39pm

yo. I agree. (I just want to but my 2 cents in.) leave my girl alone ;)


> Im here for you <



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Re: Re: to tyler i think, 09-21-04 1:35pm

lindsey i am sorry life is going ...well not so grand. no matter where you are or where life takes you there will always be someone who will disaprove of you, or judge you in certain aspects. keep your head on tight, with a smile on your face. and in the end everything will be okay!


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to erica, tyler, and heahter...and a little to the jerk person, 09-22-04 8:55am

thanks so much. you guys are awesome and i love you :)

and to sweet home alabama. yeah thats a shitty song when compared to freebird. just wanted to add that

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