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emmyd (profile) wrote,
on 9-18-2004 at 10:19am
Current mood: sick
Music: california dreamin...
Subject: ugh..dont feel good
so yesterday i stayed after to watch the cheerleaders..haha yea that was oh so much lol

then went to helenas, chilled there for a lil...then Gui,Lloyd and Ryan came...and we drove to Lloyds..and Gui left...we were there for a lil bit..then we got into a car, about the size of Gui's old one lol...and we went to the mall...

i got to see kelly there!! haha and other ppl too, but kellys worth i say Lauren, and Alyssa too i miss them!!

umm..then we were walking to Starbucks, and my mom wanted to drive us home then, and she was at the mall, and um we definately we had to walk back lol, i felt bad

yea so today i donno wats supposed to be chillin with Gui, Sarah and Ryan..but i donno when...and its um definately pouring out.. stomach feels a lil better FINALLY but wen i got home last nite it hurt again..but not my eyes are kinda puffy...and i kinda have a headache....damn im fallin apart

well imma go...
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...well...the cool kid, 09-19-04 9:04pm

Kelly is the best and should always be mentioned! lol not really! w/e :)

The mall was fun.

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