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emmyd (profile) wrote,
on 9-19-2004 at 3:31pm
Current mood: crappy
Music: nothing...
Subject: blah
ugh..still dont feel too good, but i definately feel better then i did the other day...

i dont want school tomaro..i hate classes, i should prolly be doing all my homework, but yea im wickedd tired rite now and bored,

peter called last nite, it was kinda random, he just wanted to talk, lol it was nice tho to kno that hes happy, lol

yea nothin to write about...

im gunna go try and do homework...
<3 ryan
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...kelly, 09-19-04 9:07pm

aww I don't want classes either! They suck! I reallyreally wish we had shop this week and could see "our seniors" and it would be easier for you to see Ryan... AWWW I hate this scedual (sp?)

I still need a bio artical :(

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