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sandatthebeach (profile) wrote,
on 9-20-2004 at 6:20pm
Current mood: overwelmed
Subject: Colleges
Here's a quick update before I go back to homework because I haven't updated in about 2 weeks:

-First of all, I'm going to Homecoming...big shocker I know. I have my dress and everything...looking forward to that.

-Second, I'm thinking about colleges and where I want to go. I know all of you guys are thinking "But you're only a Junior, relax". Well, I want to have a good idea of what my grade point average SHOULD be and a good estimate to what test scores I should try to get to help ensure my admission to some college that I'll end up wanting to go badly.

I've already decided that I'm not even going to apply to U of I. I just don't want to go period. At first I figured I should apply anyway just as a safety or something's not a terrible school. But after talking to Nick, I decided I'm not going to apply because IF I were accepted, I wouldn't want to go anyway so why waste the time and energy? So far I've only looked into one Illinois school and that's Millikin. I don't have much of an interest in ISU either because so many people want to go there and ::shrugs:: I guess I'm just not interested. Right about now, I wish I were smart enough to get into NYU. That would be like a dream come true. I decided I'm going to see how this year goes (so far it looks like I'll be able to pull up my GPA a little bit because I'm very motivated to work now) and see what my test scores are like and then...who knows...I might even apply. I mean, I don't anticipate in getting accepted but hopefully they'll take into concideration that I'm very active in school and that I do challenge myself enough that I'm not bored (I know that I'm not capable of taking all AP classes, so that's why I'm not taking any this year). And maybe my audition will impress them enough to accept me. Hopefully by then I'll be good enough...or at least have potential because I feel as though I'm not even close. I'm still working.

My main motivation in working in school right now is to raise my grades so I can get accepted to a good school. Certain colleges want a particular score or grade...or somewhere close and I now am serious enough to care. I realized how much I screwed myself over my freshman and sophomore year and now I need to pick up the slack and really work. ::Sigh::

I looked into Syracuse a little bit ago and I really liked it. That's a school I'm definitely going to look more into. :-)

Alright, to homework...then to crew. I feel kind of guilty because I ditched a couple days or left early. I constantly have schoolwork on my mind and how I need to get home and do work. Blah. And so I've decided, I'm going to spend most of Saturday at the library and start on my US history term paper and get all of my other homework done as well. I need to get into the habit of not saving my homework until Sunday night because I no longer have time then because of VOA rehearsals. ::Sigh::

Alright, I'm off for real now.

Always, Sandy
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09-20-04 7:31pm

procrastination is like....

ahhhhhhh you get the point
love you sandles

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Re:, 09-20-04 10:27pm

i wish so many people didnt want to go to isu also but gah! i still really wanna go there cuz its one of the few shools with the major i want to do and its affordable, sucks doesnt it??? BAH!

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