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emmyd (profile) wrote,
on 9-21-2004 at 3:02pm
Current mood: scared
qteekate88: i will have serge drive me over to that school and i will kick him in the nuts :-) and then ill be like oh im sorry did that hurt maybe u shouldnt fuck with peoples heads

^^ haha thats only a lil bit katie...:-) the rest had to be edited...for EXPLICIT CONTENT hahaha

i laughed hysterically at that so i had to put it in here..

kelsey dunne hahaha i love you!!!!

ughh tummy hurts STILL...
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09-21-04 4:59pm

emily hahahaha you know i will do it well actually i probly wouldnt but seriously i wud this time lol im sick of this bull shit lol i love you soooo much!!
<3 Katie :-)

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