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sadsongsnmyhead87 (profile) wrote,
on 9-23-2004 at 10:30pm
Current mood: blah
Music: mee
Subject: Random Rant...
Jaz came back to school today...and so did Emily. They were both in the hospital...both for different reasons and from what I've heard today during lunch, Gault was in the hospital...hmm. Yeah. But anyway, I was happy that the two of them came back! :-D

So...homecoming, I might be going dress shopping on my birthday.......that could be good or bad. 17th birthday and I get to try on dresses for half the day with people I hang out with...that scares me. But, you know...that's okay. At 5:30...I have to go to a Jr. Nat. meeting on my birthday also. I'm not doing anything with family this year which really cracks me up a whole bunch. Yesh.

So yes. This is my life right now...
*Stressing out about Gault's tests...which I keep on failing...even with a 20+ point curve...
*Anime club...I'm treasurer supposedly...but I dunno yet, but I guess I'll know 2moro when I go to the meeting.
*Band...the other piano player has trouble reading the harder music so I get all the hard stuff...pressure!
*I no longer have any F's but I still need to raise my D and C to at least a B, if possible.
*FANFICS and FICS to finish. Almost impossible, but I want to finish all of it by the end of this year. That's one of my goals for this year... So let's see, that's about...oh, let's say 8 multi-chapter stories...
*Homecoming...dress...all that shebang...
*Still volunteering at the Nature Center on most much fun...woo.
*Lab for bio...must have done soon so I can email it off before everyone else...
*All else that I've forgotten goes here cuz I know the list is not over...[this spot has the same purpose of the 9th Amendment XD].

Well, yeah...I'm tired. I think I'll go to bed BEFORE 11:00 tonight..[first time in forever]. So...g'night.
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