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LoupGarou (profile) wrote,
on 9-23-2004 at 8:37pm
Current mood: giddy
Music: Chop suey - System of a Down
Subject: 9.23.04
No quote today, unless I feel like it later, and I just might feel like it later.
So what's been happening lately? Well, I'm singing at The Taste of Morgan Hill Saturday morning at 10:00, and am paranoid that I'm going to mess something up. But oh well.
Auditioned for the "play" which is basically six comedy sketches. He was only casting 12 people out of everyone who tried out, and I got in! I'm so happy! Except we had practice yesterday and man does acting like a chimp do Hell on your legs and back. I didn't even know the muscles in your back could get sore! But they did. And it's weird indeed.
Peach iced tea is good.
After school today I headed over to Johnny Rockets with Louise, Joanne, and Kiley. I just got a soda and stole off of other people's plates, well, I usually waited for them to offer first.
Oh yeah! Yesterday my dad let me drive through the cemetery! He drove in just through the gates and stopped and randomly asked "You wanna drive?" I went "Sure!" So I got to drive! It was fun. We drove to my great grandpa's grave, because it was his birthday. He would have been 97 I think it was. Dad told me to take out a Sharpee and we wrote "Happy birthday G-pa!" on the polished part of his grave. It will wash off eventually; we weren't violating it or anything. After that he let me get back behind the wheel and I went down to check out this shrine they had in the cemetery Japanese style. It was really pretty - the gates were carved stone and the building itself was painted reds with a black curvy pagoda roof. Then I drove up a big hill where they had a big stone building where they burned the bodies of people for cremation and discovered there we a few more graves up there, but they were very rich graves. They were large and of dark polished marble, next to them were waterfalls. Twas so pretty! What would it be like to be buried there? .. Well I guess you wouldn't really know, being that you're dead.
On the way home (no, I was not driving) Dad and I started up the conversation of why my aunt Ceal had chosen to bury Nick. I like talking to her a lot of the time, but there is something about her that is weird. She buried Nick in a graveyard out of our way and with no family members buried there as well, as far as I know. We haven't really gone to visit his grave in a while because it's too far out of the way. None of the headstones as decorated an unique they're all the flat boring ones. Dad says it was because she wants to mourn Nick's death by herself, that she wants his death all to herself. I think in some way that's very true. Well, she's been mourning over his death since it happened, she's never really stopped. I wonder if she holds a grudge against us because we've been able to move on, or maybe she prefer's it that way, that she gets all Nick's attention. Some of it really doesn't make sense, and it's hard to explain like this unless you happen to know her well enough to understand. She's really a nice person, but there's something that's inwardly selfish about her. She doesn't mean to be, that's just the way she can be every once in a while. Spoiled, I suppose. But you can tell it's not something she's aware of or that she thinks she's better than anyone. But then again that's hard to explain as well, so I might as well quit trying.
Four day weekend. I get to sleep in tomorrow. Yay!
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09-24-04 9:01pm

GOOD LUCK AT YOUR MORGAN HILL THING! No doubt you'll do good but good luck anyway.
Is driving fun? My dad says that he'll take me out to an old road in Coyote but he hasnt gotten around to it yet...oh well.

I can understand why your aunt acts like that. My aunt did the same thing when my cousin went to Iraq but it was a little different because she just was looking for a reason to get all depressed and become a recluse. Yea...that really doesnt have to do with it...
Maybe some day she'll snap out of it. Lets hope.
Bye bye

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