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emmyd (profile) wrote,
on 9-25-2004 at 11:56am
Current mood: angry
Music: eminem shit....
Subject: ahh
gui and ben randomly came to my house this mornin haha gui called and woke me up and told me they were coming..i was like umm okay lol so we all chilled here for a lil bit..then they left cuz gui had to go to the gym and meet ryan i think...

last nite i chilled with we went to the mall..she got her new cell phone, cuz hers fell in water lol..we saw manda there and som other pplzz...

wow just got in ANOTHER huge fight with my mom..she told me once again that her mistake was having kids, meaning me cuz she loves peter and mark...but not me as she says....yea i fucking hate her too

every1 has been making me frustrated lately..then once i snap i say things i dont sorry if i said ne shit to any of u ppl lately that was

umm ryan if ur reading this, which u mite be, um i hope u kno that i didnt text her saying anything to her, i would never do sorry if u think that i did, but u must really not know me all too well...i really dont want you to be pissed at me, cuz i figured we could still always be good friends, but if u dont want to be...then w\e...i hope its not like that sorry for whatever i did to you..

well i think im gunna go now :-\
i wanna go out tonite..anyone wanna chill?
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poor emily, 09-25-04 12:21pm

hey emily. I hope you feel better soon!!!!!!!! Don't worry be happy!

Come to the mall at five! my friend veronica is having a scavenger (sp?)hunt for her bday!!!!! fun fun.

alright. gtg eat special k.

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09-25-04 4:35pm

EMILY I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH! and ryan isnt worth all your worrying he has no idea what hes missing out on cause you are the greatest girl in the world! im always here for you and i love you
the one and only
katie grace

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