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KirbyDee (profile) wrote,
on 9-26-2004 at 8:30pm
Current mood: curious
Subject: I owe you an apology...
For everything I've said and done, I was wrong. I don't remember what it was about before, but recently it's envy. You're confident, you have what I want and everyone knows misery loves company. But mainly, you have the one thing I can never have again not matter how hard I try to get close to her in W.L.H.... you have Molly and Louise's friendship even after all of these years, you do things with them that I wish I was a part of but I know I gave up that chance years ago. I thought you were the anonymous, but that was stupid to think... So to you, Nicole Roccaforte, I am sorry if it means anything to you at all or whether it is just words, just know I am truly sorry.
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