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wierdo (profile) wrote,
on 9-27-2004 at 8:30pm
Current mood: blah
So yeah.....i was told today that i was being used. Which, in most cases, isnt really what you like to hear.

I was told that this girl wants to go back to how she used to be. Being with every guy, doing things with every guy, and just playing a lot of guy. So....her use me and make me think that she actually has feelings for me back. She just wants to be with a guy to get back into her rythem of things and how she used to be. All of this is complete horseshit too because she's the one thats liked me for like a year now. It just pisses me off cause she kept this thing going when she knew she shouldn't. Actually....she doesn't even know any of this yet. I plan on telling her we'll see what she says tomorrow. more than likely i'm gonna make her feel like a dumbass. so i think i'm gonna need a new homecoming date lol.

Anyways.....yeah i'm tired and bored. I'm working things out with a friend right now. Its so good to talk to her. I really do miss our friendship. But its ok cause things will be better and we will be best friends again.

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09-28-04 12:37pm

aww... *smiles*

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Re:, 09-28-04 9:02pm

Oh and by the way you better show me that story you have to write..k?


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Re: Re:, 09-29-04 6:09pm

Oh i will, dont worry. Tomorrow i start my outline. So i'm thinking the essay will be done by next week thursday maybe? But i'll show you it when i'm done with it so you can read it. kk love ya lots...hugs.....bye.


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Re: Re: Re:, 09-29-04 6:51pm

Alright, love ya lotz too *hugs* peace out ..

little one

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HeY!!!, 10-01-04 9:27am

Hey babe- whats up? Notta here. Im just in Econ class being real bored. I havent gotten on this sight in forever...but im out. love ya!!!


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