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SepiaFlamingo (profile) wrote,
on 10-3-2004 at 12:02am
Current mood: Peaceful
Music: "Don't Fear the Reaper" - Blue Oyster Cult
Subject: Just thought I'd cut the red tape.
I thought I'd never update this thing again. Surprise, surprise.

I went homecoming-dress shoping this weekend with Corinne and Molly. I ended up buying a purple-strapless thing with a flower on it. It's rather modest compared to how I just described it. I like it a lot, anyway, and that's all that really matters. Last night I went to the pool hall with Brian, Kevin, Brent, and two other people I didn't know until last night. I learned how to play pool correctly and saw Audra. Audra is such a cool kid. Now I get to go to Brian's football game and somehow between that and tonight finish doing GT English reading record cards, art homework and "the week that was..." for History.

Oh! And I think my dad got a job he's actually going to keep for longer than 2 weeks this time! What a shocker.
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., 11-06-04 4:31pm

Hey, its me Friskychic(Alisha) if you remember me. I just came to stop by. I have COX now my AIM is KuraOfTheMafia now. Well bye.

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11-08-04 4:44pm

x_X I put the wrong one down... I was thinking of something else.
It really is KuraTheCat.

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Re:, 11-15-04 12:13pm


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