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KirbyDee (profile) wrote,
on 10-3-2004 at 1:16pm
Current mood: tired
Music: "Turn Back Time" -- Aqua
Subject: M.V.C.T.
We had our Mountain View Community Thank You today and in the words of the the M.V. director:


Alrighty! So the performance was sooo much fun! I’ve been waiting for this since Misty told us we were going to do sabre. So we had our morning practice and blah blah blah… The drum line keeps picking on me!!! DAMN YOU KEITH! Lol, started with Keith and then Andreas joined in and then now like all the guys in drumline who know me pick on me. It’s so sad, and yet so funny at the same time. Anyway, I had a Jamba Juice for lunch because Tiff’s mom was nice enough to drive me downtown. Something I’ve realized: Road Rage is an asian thing!!! Makes me glad to be half asian lol!!! Anyway, so we get to MV and finish up our make-up and then we go to this area to practice. But the first thing we did was play “Big Booty”!!! I’M IN LOOOOVE WITH THAT GAME!!! Then we all laid on each other’s stomachs and listened to our guard song, don’t remember the name though ^^ After that we stretched to “Center Stage” music and did across the floors and sabre stuff. Then we went out to the field and did the counting game (you sit in a circle and stare at an object and count one at a time, but you don’t know who’ll say the next number and if two people say it then you start over) and did some air flag with the “drum-guard”. We performed first and yeah, it was fun. If you didn’t know, it would look like I was captain because of my drill and the fact that I stand in the center of the warm-up circle and the fact that I was counting for some parts. Not to mention the Stained Glass exit. Anyway! So here’s my list of things I did wrong since it is homework (yes, the guard gets homework assignments other than “practice your flag”):

New Century Dawn:
1- I think, I caught my blade double too low on the blade and late, I’m not sure… I don’t remember, most of the show was muscle memory.
2- Could have made it the piccolo solo drill a little quicker so that threw me off for the solo, too much energy going into it.
3- The 12 count halt, personally, was more of swinging the sabre than doing the work.
4- Triple drill was changed and that didn’t really happen, plus turned to front a count late and caught my triple in an awkward position.
5- Tossed early before “Surprise”
6- Reverted to the old work for counts 4-8ish after the blade double to the back after the trumpet solo.
7- Rushed the ending counts.
I thought Lento was really strong and I can’t think of anything I, or the guard as a whole, did wrong.
Stained Glass:
Heh, stepped off on the right foot leading them down and didn’t count them off that well ^^
Performed a little, but not the entire show.

ANYWAY! So yeah, that was fun. Got a ride home from Chrissy since I didn’t want to wait for Bill to come. Um, then I dragged everyone to Marie Calendar’s because I’m in loooove with M.C. Anyway, our waiter was really cute and he kept eying me according to my mom. She wanted me to flirt with him and watch him get flustered. Sorry to tell you, but I didn’t. But he did get flustered, was very amusing and flattering. Then, since my mom is crazy like that, we went to the Coldstone that Adam works at. It was really busy so the babes got ice cream and then we went to the Starbucks to get coffee. We waved bye, but being me I hate not saying good-bye so I argued with my parents until they let me go in to say bye. Luckily, by this time it was empty except a couple and their daughter so I wasn’t distracting him. Funny, but there was this large group of people outside. I’m not supposed to know this, but when we went in the first time the two other people working went outside and got on the phone to call up their friends. I only know this because my mom was still outside, and so they called their friends and told them to get over there because I’m not made up. I’m so sure he’d make me up lol. That was funny. She came in and poked him and whispered stuff, and me being me, I got pissed but then she smiled at me and said, “I’ve heard a lot about you.” So I just smiled and was shocked, which was painfully obvious because then she added, “All good things!” Now I want to know, what does he say about me to his friends?! I could just ask him, but where’s the fun in that?
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