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lookatmemynameisdustin (profile) wrote,
on 10-4-2004 at 9:31pm

p.s. forever december is on pure volume now...( ) do it up.

p.s.s. those are not ALL of our songs we recorded...everybody loves suspense:)

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10-05-04 12:13pm

almost as much as we love you!

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10-05-04 8:46pm

ooh. suspense.

now. you must do this.

1) leave your house
2) drive to the highschool around 2:30 (thats when we get out this year)
3) stand in the hallway where you used to
4) allow me to attack you with supertightlove hugs.


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Re:, 10-06-04 9:16pm

ill be there friday.

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12-14-04 10:44am

You need to call me so we can do things. My home number is 636-8324 and my cell phone is 231-349-6263. Please call me, I miss you.

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