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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 10-9-2004 at 4:34pm
Music: The Killers - Andy, you're a star
I took this survey because Ron made it, and well.. he's a pretty cool kid. And I'm terribly bored, like.. shooting up McDonalds kinda bored..

At the moment...

Created by inferno and taken 8 times on bzoink!

At the moment...
what are you wearing?Green shirt, pants, socks..
what would you rather be wearing?nothing
what are you listening to?The Killers
what is the taste in your mouth?Reese's, mmmm
what is your favorite band?Taking Back Sunday
what would you rather doing?hanging out with people
where would you rather be?not here
who do you want to see?someone..
who is your crush?your brother
what is on your mind?too much
what don't you want to think about?the thing I'm always thinking about
what are you waiting for?a lot
what do you have plans to do?breathe
what do you plan on not doing?stop doing what I have been doing
who don't you want to see?those stupid fucks on the stratford bus
who do you hate?too many people
what do you hate?ignorance
what do you love?some people
what is a secret you're keeping?a secret I'm going to continue to keep

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10-09-04 7:05pm

"what would you rather be wearing? nothing" are a nudist!! I knew it!

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Re:, 10-10-04 12:15am


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