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LoupGarou (profile) wrote,
on 10-10-2004 at 11:32pm
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Subject: Quick update
Here's just a quick update because I don't feel like typing all that much right now. But here's an article thing I found that I'd love to post here. Well it's more like a forum thread, but you get the picture.

You know what Iím sick of? ††Iím sick of all this liberal sympathy towards the soldiers of the war. †ďDonít hurt the poor little 18 year old kid; he shouldnít have to fight this battle.† Itís not worth his life to drop the price of oil a fraction of a cent.Ē† Hereís news for you liberal sympathizers, heís not a damn kid. Heís a soldier. †Heís a soldier who signed up on his own free will to be a soldier.† He made the decision by himself, and has prepared to make a sacrifice to his country if necessary.† Heís not all talk like you damn idiots running the television stations and news media.† Heís actually doing something to help the welfare of this country, unlike you.† Heís not sitting at home complaining or teaching students biased views in college about the evils of Mr. Bush.† Heís not a whiner or a wiener, like many of you are. †He, and men and women just like him, train every single day in preparation to go to war and fight those who threaten our motherland.† The United States is only what it is today because of people like him, those who decided to give something back instead of hogging all the glory without the repercussions.† He didnít join the military for a big pay check or to further the luxury of his life, because he will never find that in the armed forces.† He joined to truly help others.† Go find something else to complain about you dime a dollar, stupid piece of shit, liberal sympathizers. Writes

First off let me tell u that u need to calm the fuck down.† People have a right to speak their minds just like u are doing on this site so fucking deal with it.†

Second, yes, there are many people who signed up for the military under their own free will.† But dont ever say that everyone that's in Iraq signed up under free will.† On my 18th bday I was forced by law to sign up by law for† "Selective service"† or in my words the fucking draft.† Myself and my brother have many friends who were "activated"....DRAFTED to go to Iraq and are there as I'm writing this.† So fuck that, screw your outlook on the war that everyone is there under their own will.† You may have been, but most people I know that are there, arent.† And I would never sacrifice my life for a country that tells people that they have to fight for it.

In response:

Everyone whom is in Iraq signed up under their own free will, including your buddies who are building sand castles right now. †They may not be in Iraq under their own free will, but regardless, they knew what a soldiers responsibilities were when they took the oath.† They knew there was an opportunity of deployment. †As for the ďselective serviceĒ you speak of, itís not the draft you idiot.† It only becomes a drawing for draftees when the United States is at the point where it has to draft people, which by the way hasn't happened since Vietnam.† And youíre probably thinking, what does this guy know?† Iím a soldier, and every one of my friends are soldiers. Most have already been to and returned from Iraq.† Youíre a liberal piece of dog shit, which sucks off the welfare of our country.† You donít like it here?† Join the Taliban you fuck.


i found this in the weirdest and most random place anywhere: "". lol I went there because of a link in Sarah Andrade's profile, so it's not like I visit there regularly or anything ^.^


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10-11-04 9:53pm

How beautiful those letters are. I was reading this thing today in a magazine and it turns out there are a lot more young people voting for Bush than I thought. Maybe through some miracle Bush will win. I'm moving to Canada if he doesn't!
That treadmill thing is funny..but I've done that and it really really hurts.

bye miss jessica.

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