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sadsongsnmyhead87 (profile) wrote,
on 10-11-2004 at 6:49pm
Current mood: depressed
Music: The Truth by GC
Subject: I thought I could control it...
I always thought I never really cared about how my parents acted to each other... It was always bitterness resonating from all corners of the house. Arguing and bickering spreading throughout the house about the most stupid things, but obviously very crucial...a.k.a. $$$. I've been watching my parents fight for the longest time now...and it never really occurred to me until today that their bitching really effects my schoolwork. I can never get anything done and it's just very disturbing for some reason.

I just want to scream at them...tell them to shut up. Something. They always told me arguing about something stupid never solves anything...and because of that, they're dubbed the biggest hypocrits I know. Flah... I have too much homework to do to actually go in-depth with this whole situation. Peace.
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